2016 Health for Humanity Report
2016 Health for Humanity Report
2016 Health for Humanity Report
Healthy Workforce

At Johnson & Johnson we believe that good health can change lives. In making the change happen, we start with our employees. They are our most precious resource, and caring for their health and well-being is a key component of our Company's culture. With a vision of having the healthiest workforce, we continue to apply new and innovative approaches to encourage and engage our employees in their own health (or personal best).


Johnson & Johnson has a strong track record in advancing the health and well-being of our workforce. We strive to create a culture of health among our employees worldwide, while allowing for individual choice and cultural variations. Expanding upon the prior efforts, our new Health for Humanity 2020 Goals have the following three areas of focus.

First Focus Area

Train employees via the principles of Human ENERGY FOR PERFORMANCE®.

  • This training offers an integrated approach to health and well-being with proven results related to improved health, productivity, engagement, and resiliency. Combining the sciences of performance psychology, nutrition, and exercise physiology, the ENERGY FOR PERFORMANCE® course works with participants to drive higher productivity and stronger leadership, while also improving personal health, happiness and fulfillment through lasting, positive behavior changes. Developed by the Johnson & Johnson HUMAN PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE®, the training is unique in that it sees health as multidimensional (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) and explores how these dimensions interact and impact personal energy levels while aligning to a core mission/purpose.

Second Focus Area

Supporting and sustaining healthy habits with customizable, scalable digital health tools.

  • These tools encourage healthy behavior, with fun and incentives along the way. A key component to engagement is the ability to customize tools at a personal level. New digital technology allows for this in fun and unique ways while providing easily scalable enterprise-wide solutions. Progress will be measured based on the number of employees who have “connected” to digital health tools (those who have registered and used the program/application, either through participation in challenges or earning points).

Third Focus Area

Creating an environment and culture that actively supports employees so the healthy choice is the easy choice, via advancing a culture of healthy eating and healthy movement.

  • In 2010, we set a 2015 Culture of Health Goal for 90 percent of employees across the globe to have access to a rich and fully implemented set of health programs and services.1 At the end of 2015, we surpassed this goal. While we are proud of our prior accomplishments, we know we can do more. Therefore, focusing on our top global health risks of unhealthy eating and physical inactivity, we will promote healthy eating choices, and healthy movement through workplace design and practices.

These efforts are overseen by the Vice President of Global Health Services, reporting to the Vice President, Total Rewards, and ultimately to our Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer. The responsibility for their implementation is owned across the Company.



To engage our employees in their health via personal digital health tools, we launched Healthy & Me™, a dynamic mobile platform unique to Johnson & Johnson, that lets users personally connect with their everyday health and well-being.

Training of our employees on the principles of ENERGY FOR PERFORMANCE® continued in 2016.

To engage our employees in their health via personal digital health tools, we launched Healthy & Me, a dynamic mobile platform that lets users personally connect with their everyday health and well-being. Unique to Johnson & Johnson, Healthy & Me is a customizable way to engage with a range of health and fitness programs, such as an annual health assessment, digital health coaching, and the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 MINUTE WORKOUT® app. These tools utilize trackers to engage and encourage employees and their spouses via incentives such as sweepstakes prizes and/or charitable donations. Available in the United States and in countries where the majority of our employees are located, all global employees will have access to Healthy & Me within the next two years.

Leveraging Healthy & Me, in 2016 we introduced Our Amazing Journey, our first-ever global activity challenge, which encouraged employees across the globe to improve their health via increased daily activity levels and engagement with their peers, their loved ones and their own personal health journey. Over the course of 45 days we evidenced unprecedented global employee engagement in this collective health challenge, which has helped to inform the future activities using this dynamic personal digital health tool.

To advance a culture of healthy eating and healthy movement, in 2016 we established a global baseline. Communication and implementation of practices, programs and policies for each of these will roll out in 2017.

To review our year-end progress against these three Health for Humanity 2020 Goals, see the Health for Humanity 2020 Goals Progress Scorecard.

1 Tobacco-free, HIV policy, health profile, employee assistance, physical activity, healthy eating, medical surveillance, health promotion, stress and energy management, cancer awareness, return-to-work, travel health.

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2016 Health for Humanity Report

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