2016 Health for Humanity Report
2016 Health for Humanity Report
2016 Health for Humanity Report
Human Capital Development

In today's globalized and interconnected world, we must ensure that we attract and retain employees who are globally-minded, nimble, agile and adaptable. Talent management is a top priority at Johnson & Johnson. We believe that our people are our greatest assets. Each of them contributes a unique set of experiences, skills and cultural background that creates a richness to our Company, and enables us to better serve our diverse customers around the globe.

At Johnson & Johnson, we are committed to attracting, inspiring and advancing diverse talent across our Family of Companies. Every innovative idea and product comes from our most valuable resource: our people. This commitment is deeply rooted in our purpose, to change the course of health for humanity.


At Johnson & Johnson, enterprise talent management is overseen by both human resource leaders and business leaders who are accountable for attracting and recruiting talent, managing performance and development, building a pipeline of global and diverse leaders, and creating an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion. Human Resources, whose Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, is a Corporate Officer and a member of the Johnson & Johnson Executive Committee, oversees Global Talent Management, Global Benefits, Health Resources and Worldwide Compensation Resources.

Our Leadership Imperatives set the performance and behavioral expectations for all employees, and apply to everyone—across all geographies, businesses, roles and levels, giving all employees a clear and consistent way to lead the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies into the future.

Johnson & Johnson promotes a culture of learning and development for all employees, with shared accountability between employee and manager to ensure that opportunities for development are identified and pursued, with a goal to maximize the potential of the individual. Development offerings are designed functionally, span a vast array of topics, and are provided via both on-the-job training and online to all full- and part-time employees globally. Independent study courses, web-based courses, interviewing simulations, assessments, intensive workshops and action-planning courses are included in the offerings. A new global training data system has been developed and implemented, which will enable tracking of training data at the enterprise level. GRI 404-1

International assignments continue to be used to develop global leadership talent and to foster an agile, global mind-set, diversity and innovation. Johnson & Johnson encourages employees to seek cross-segment, cross-functional and cross-regional experience; this is facilitated by the breadth of our global operations around the world. Temporary workers do not participate in Johnson & Johnson learning or leadership development offerings. Transition assistance programs are offered to support employees who are retiring or who have been terminated from employment. GRI 404-1; 404-2

The Performance & Development (P&D) approach at Johnson & Johnson has its foundation in conversations between manager and employee that are frequent, meaningful and continuous. Each employee and manager is expected to engage in clear and candid conversation throughout the year within the “5 Conversations Framework,” which consists of the P&D Planning, Mid-Year, Career Planning, Year-End Performance and Compensation conversations.

Johnson & Johnson administers a Global Credo Survey to ensure that: employees are inspired by the goals we set, both personally and for the future of our business; feel connected to their colleagues and our values; and are committed to taking the steps necessary to meet the needs of our patients, customers and the communities we serve. The results are provided to operating companies, regions and departments to review and address any opportunities for improvement.


Approximately 93,700 employees, or approximately 81 percent of our target population1, completed year-end conversations. GRI 404-3

In June, Johnson & Johnson hosted Development Month, a global initiative to emphasize the importance of ongoing growth and development, and to promote greater awareness of the tools and resources available to support all employees.

The Let’s Talk campaign was launched worldwide, encouraging ongoing meaningful professional development conversations.

A pilot was conducted to further promote conversations about development and provide tools to assist in the creation of development plans. The results of this pilot will help to inform the architecture of an enterprise development strategy for all employees.

Engagement levels for the Johnson & Johnson Global Credo Survey were greater than 90 percent. In 2016, the Global Credo Survey tracked how we are living into Our Credo values and responsibility to stakeholders, including employees. A new Our Voice survey will be launched in 2017, measuring critical topics such as diversity and inclusion, talent development, collaboration, and innovation. These two surveys will alternate every other year.

We implemented a new program globally to enhance Enterprise Leader Development. The program gave every employee promoted to new levels of leadership with one or two spans of influence the opportunity to participate in a multi-week blended learning experience to enhance his or her leadership capability.

Turnover is shown below2. GRI 401-1

1 Excludes employees covered under collective bargaining agreements, long term disability, interns, and selected other groups.

2 Turnover data include retirees.

2016 Health for Humanity Report

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