2017 Health for Humanity Report
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Workplaces & Wellness

As a healthcare company, we have rich history and deep experience in understanding the power of employee wellness and its connection to leading a happier, healthier and more productive work life. Our approach to employee wellness is to create environments that encourage a culture of health. By providing programs and services that make choosing the healthful option easier, our employees can cultivate the healthy habits that are right for them and put them on the path to their personal best.

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Our Company maintains on-site medical clinics for our employees in many countries where we operate across the globe. Our on-site medical staff utilize a “whole person” approach that includes on-site and near-site mental health resources, wellness professionals and health educators. Our on-site medical staff have a variety of backgrounds, with most having specialized certifications and degrees in occupational medicine, and many have other board certifications and specialized training, including in internal medicine, pediatrics, trauma medicine, orthopaedics, family practice and more. Most recently, Johnson & Johnson began a process to provide health coaching training to our on-site clinical staff.

We are committed to delivering an exceptional workplace experience for our employees, including a focus on healthy spaces, healthy eating, healthy movement, healthy minds and healthy work. In several locations, we provide on-site fitness centers, with further access for our remote employees to off-site gyms via our exercise reimbursement program.

We also recognize the link between an employee’s workplace environment and experience and the resulting productivity outcomes. Guided by our Workplace Experience Principles, we are a leader in delivering workspaces designed to promote healthy lifestyles, employee engagement and a collaborative work environment.

Our Workplace Innovation Program encapsulates how we are prioritizing workplace wellness and productivity around the world. We first launched our global strategy for workspace, Workplace Innovation (WI), in 2010 to inspire new ways of thinking about and configuring the work environment. WI is now helping us, company-wide, better design our environments to support workplace activity; create shared and “unassigned” work space for greater flexibility and employee choice; enhance and unify employees’ working experience; and inspire an innovative and engaged work culture.

Additionally, our workplaces are being designed to incorporate elements that support physical and emotional health, including health amenities such as on-site health and fitness centers, first aid rooms, outdoor activity areas, showers/lockers, nurture and faith rooms, rooms for counseling and employee assistance, and child development centers. Because of our efforts, we continue to increase the number of Johnson & Johnson offices that score as “high performing” in the Leesman® Workplace Effectiveness Index, a survey that assesses 21 dimensions of how our workplace supports our people. In 2017 a total of 29 offices achieved the “high performing” score.

We also incorporate green building design principles into our workplaces to further enhance the health, safety, well-being and productivity of our people. Johnson & Johnson continues to build a world-class portfolio of LEED-certified buildings and office space that offers our employees a workplace experience where they will thrive.

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* Estimated based on the results of post-project surveys.

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