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About Johnson & Johnson

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Our Approach
About Johnson & Johnson
The  Johnson & Johnson Credo etched in marble which stands in the lobby of the company's headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey
Our Purpose
We blend heart, science and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity.
Our Values
We are driven by Our Credo, a set of values and principles that, since 1943, has challenged and inspired us to put the needs and well-being of the people we serve first.

Our Business

Johnson & Johnson, through its Family of Companies (“the Company”), is the largest and most diversified healthcare company in the world. Our operating companies employ approximately 144,300 employees in virtually all countries of the world, who are engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale of a broad range of products in the healthcare field. We work with more than 45,300 suppliers and hundreds of external manufacturers to support the development and manufacturing of our products worldwide. The Company’s product portfolio includes thousands of Pharmaceutical, MedTech and Consumer Health products that address the health and wellness needs of people every day.

Cardiovascular & Metabolism


Infectious Diseases & Vaccines



Pulmonary Hypertension
Interventional Solutions


Surgery (General & Advanced)

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Consumer Health*
Baby Care

Oral Care


Skin Health/Beauty

Women’s Health

Wound Care

* In November 2021, the Company announced its intention to separate the Company’s Consumer Health business, with the intention to create a new, publicly traded company. The Company is targeting completion of the planned separation in 18 to 24 months after the initial announcement.

Financial Results

Market price per share,
year-end close
consecutive years of dividend increases*

* Includes dividend declared in April 2022.

Sales by Business Segment (Billions)

Our Global Footprint

Manufacturing Facilities

Our Total Tax Contribution1

Our Tax Responsibility

First published in 1943, Our Credo stipulates that paying our fair share of taxes is our responsibility to the communities in which we live and work. Our tax footprint evolves over time and reflects our healthcare activities and investments, including in research and development and manufacturing. What does not change or waver is our commitment to good corporate citizenship, which we demonstrate through sustainable values and behaviors relating to tax governance and controls, compliance, tax planning, relationships with governmental authorities and transparency, which are more fully described in our Johnson & Johnson Tax Policy.

In 2021, Johnson & Johnson contributed approximately $13.1 billion in taxes and fees to governments and economies around the world. This Total Tax Contribution is made up of two components: Total Taxes Borne by the Company and Total Taxes Collected. Taxes Borne are a direct cost to the Company, whereas Taxes Collected are collected from customers and employees on behalf of governments and ultimately remitted to them.

Our intent is to provide a comprehensive view of total taxes paid around the world. Corporate Income Tax represents payments in all markets in which we operate and is the amount reported as Income Taxes Paid in the 2021 Annual Report. Other taxes shown aggregate the Company’s data from 22 major markets that represent the vast majority of our revenues. We aspire to include all markets in future years.

Health for Humanity 2025 Goals Scorecard At-A-Glance

2021 Tax Contribution (Billions) placeholder Taxes Borne Taxes Collected
Corporate income tax
Payroll & social insurance taxes
$1.5 $4.6
Sales/use & other taxes
$0.9 $1.3
$7.2 $6.0
Total tax contribution: $13.1

Total Taxes Borne

In 2021, Johnson & Johnson bore $7.2 billion in taxes around the world. The taxes include corporate income taxes, the Company’s share of payroll and social insurance taxes, and the Company’s share of sales and other taxes. Sales taxes include sales, use, and non-recoverable value-added tax. Other taxes are primarily composed of customs and other duties such as local taxes and fees charged to the pharmaceutical industry.

Total Taxes Collected

Additionally, in 2021 Johnson & Johnson collected $6.0 billion related to the commerce the Company generates. These collections were in the form of payroll and social insurance taxes from more than 144,000 employees across the world, sales and use taxes and value-added taxes. These taxes are collected on behalf of governments and from employees, customers and other business partners. Total Taxes Collected are an important part of the measure of the contribution made by Johnson & Johnson through job creation and business activities in the many countries in which we do business.

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