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Accountability & Innovation

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Throughout our business, our commitment to science and data-driven decision making, compliance, integrity and responsible business practices are embedded across the Enterprise. By accepting personal accountability to uphold Our Credo values, we create a culture in which everyone supports Our Purpose to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity. We do so in an ethical manner and through continuous improvement that drives innovation in our systems, processes and practices. We expect all employees at Johnson & Johnson to help us sustain the trust earned over the course of 135 years of business operations. Running a responsible business is an essential driver of value creation, and our stakeholders expect it.

Our approach is to effectively manage ESG ESG Environmental, social and governance risks while delivering value for our stakeholders. Our commitment to R&D and innovation is key to our important breakthroughs in health for humanity (see section: R&D Innovation for details of progress across our diverse innovation channels). Throughout our operations, we adhere to strict quality standards at every stage of the product lifecycle. We rely on ethically led, science-driven decision making in all matters relating to medical safety and strive to protect our patients and consumers from counterfeit and illicit trade. We are committed to respecting the human rights of individuals throughout our value chain, including through our supply base by maintaining ethical supplier standards and sustainable sourcing.

Trust is at the heart of our business at Johnson & Johnson. Being a trusted corporation, employer, business partner and provider of high-quality products for our patients and consumers is critical to our ability to address today’s most pressing health challenges with bold action and innovative approaches. Without accountability, there is no trust. That’s why holding ourselves accountable is a foundational element of our strategy and essential to our ongoing success.
Vanessa Broadhurst
Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs, Johnson & Johnson

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