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Responsible Supply Base

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Accountability & Innovation
Responsible Supply Base
ESG Policies & Positions

Our extended supply base comprises more than 45,300 suppliers across our three business segments. A critically important link in our value chain, Johnson & Johnson’s supplier network underpins our business continuity and enables us to manufacture and deliver essential products and services to our patients, consumers and customers. We aim to maintain collaborative and trusting supplier relationships and encourage a broad diversity of suppliers to work with us. Through our Responsibility Standards for Suppliers, our Supplier Sustainability Program (SSP) and our Global Supplier Diversity & Inclusion program, we manage our supply base in line with Our Credo values.

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Supplier Sustainability Program
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On track
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On track
Progress: 29,400 suppliers are included in one of the three Tiers, representing 65% of Johnson & Johnson’s supply base.
Partnerships for Good
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Progress: Established three partnerships focused on:

1. Providing training to Johnson & Johnson employees who travel overseas for business to explain how to spot and report potential instances of human trafficking.

2. Linking performance on diversity metrics to business awards in select contracts, including Tier 2 procurement from minority suppliers.

3. Engaging in the End Workplace TB (EWTB) initiative and promoting TB visibility.

Supply chain organizations are poised to drive meaningful growth for their companies as they improve digital capabilities across operations, enhance resilience to respond nimbly to inevitable challenges and build full transparency into all aspects of the supply chain. At Johnson & Johnson, we invest in these capabilities across our complex supply network.
Kathy Wengel
Executive Vice President & Chief Global Supply Chain Officer, Johnson & Johnson
> 45,300
suppliers globally
$34.8 billion
total supplier spend*

Supplier Spend* Contracted by Region


Supplier Spend* Contracted by Business Segment


* Represents spend we have control over/addressable spend, defined as products and services that procurement teams can negotiate with suppliers to meet business goals.

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