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Responsible Supply Base

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Responsible Sourcing

Across our business, we source commodities and raw materials in multiple categories. Some of these require heightened procurement focus due to critical environmental or biodiversity concerns or elevated human rights risks in the supply chain. We collaborate with supply chain partners to understand the potential risks and impacts of our procurement activities in these areas and define appropriate standards and controls in responsible sourcing of commodities and materials of concern.

Forest partnerships: We maintain multiple multiyear forest partnerships to enable the protection of tropical rainforests that are critical for climate mitigation, wildlife conservation and long-term community well-being.

Our Forest Partners

map of Johnson & Johnson's global Forest Partners
In 2021, we scored A- for palm oil and a B for timber for our CDP Forests disclosures, maintaining our position from 2020 as one of the few companies worldwide that disclose to this important CDP framework addressing deforestation impacts.

Habitats protected or restored: In 2021, we invested in two forest partnerships to enable the protection of  tropical rainforests linked to our upstream supply chain to maximize benefits to biodiversity and local communities.

  • In Sumatra, Indonesia, we supported a market-driven approach to forest restoration and protection of more than 38,000 hectares of rainforest led by the World Wildlife Fund.
  • In Loreto, Peru, we invested in a forest conservation initiative with the Forest Conservation Fund to prevent the deforestation of 10,000 hectares of pristine Amazon rainforest.

Wood-fiber products: Johnson & Johnson is committed to more responsible sourcing of wood-fiber products. We partner with the Rainforest Alliance to engage our suppliers and implement our Responsible Wood-Fiber Product Sourcing Policy.

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Palm oil: We support the production and responsible use of palm oil through the implementation of our Responsible Palm Oil Sourcing Policy. We partner with the Earthworm Foundation and Action for Sustainable Derivatives to build supply chain transparency and monitor nonconformance to our commitments.

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Conflict minerals: As members of the Responsible Minerals Initiative and in line with regulatory requirements, we remain committed to taking steps to determine the use, country of origin and source of tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold in our global product portfolio.

Learn more about our Annual Conflict Minerals Report available on our SEC Filings page

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