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African school children smiling
Children participate in national de-worming campaign in Kenya, in partnership with The END Fund. Photo by Mo Scarpelli/The END Fund.
Photo by Mo Scarpelli/The END Fund.

Better Health for All

Our progress in advancing better health for all reflects our 130+ year legacy, the efforts of 136,000+ employees who make up the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, and our extensive global networks and partnerships. A vision for better health for all unites our employees and ignites our passion to improve healthcare for patients, consumers and their families, and for all the healthcare professionals and caregivers who support them.

Our commitment to advancing better health for all includes multiple focus areas:

  • innovating to eradicate, prevent and cure disease;  
  • engaging and partnering to improve access and affordability;  
  • investing to build the capacity of health systems;  
  • catalyzing efforts to support the people on the front lines of care; and  
  • delivering medicines, medical devices and consumer health products to billions of people in a way that is ethical, compliant, efficient and respectful of human needs.  

At Johnson & Johnson, the largest, most broadly based healthcare company in the world, we believe better health for all is within reach. We work tirelessly toward this goal.

In this section, we share our progress in 2020 in the following areas:

Innovation has been the key to delivering our wide range of important breakthroughs in health for humanity over our 130+ years as a diversified healthcare company. Our vast scope of R&D expertise across multiple pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer health applications works synergistically to deliver medicines and products that save and improve lives and strengthen society.
Johnson & Johnson has a longstanding commitment to addressing unmet needs of underserved populations. As the largest healthcare company in the world, we have an opportunity, and a duty, to impact the health of people everywhere, and this is especially relevant today as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to lay bare and exacerbate the disparities in healthcare systems worldwide.
At Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest healthcare company, we tirelessly strive to improve access to our innovative medicines, vaccines, devices and diagnostics in all countries, and especially for underserved and vulnerable populations in resource-limited settings. For almost one-third of the global population, medicines and vaccines are not an option.
At Johnson & Johnson, we contribute to advancing health and well-being in the communities in which we live and work. Our Global Community Impact (GCI) organization, through funding from the nonprofit Johnson & Johnson Foundation and other functional divisions and operating companies across the three Johnson & Johnson business segments, drives programming for our community giving, social impact and other philanthropic initiatives around the world.

In this section, we share our progress in 2020 in the following areas:

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