2019 Health for Humanity Report
A young boy smiling in front of blue building
A young boy smiling in front of blue building

Mlolongo Blue Box Clinic, Kenya.

Better Health for All
Better Health for All Contributing to Community Health

Disaster Preparedness & Relief

We work with trusted partners on the front lines of care to help communities by coordinating product donations, and through programs that help communities recover, rebuild and become resilient. See our Position on Disaster Relief.

In 2019, we allocated $0.7 million in cash and $36.710 million worth of Johnson & Johnson products in support for immediate mid- and long-term response to crises and natural disasters, including Cyclone Idai response in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, and Hurricane Dorian response in the Bahamas and in Australia, following devastation caused by widespread bushfires. Our donations were made through nonprofit partners to support the provision of products and supplies—and also medical teams in some cases.

Supporting Australia
Like many across the world, Johnson & Johnson was deeply moved by the scale of the devastating bushfires that swept Australia in 2019. To support local communities in Australia, we gave $600,000 in financial support to the Australian Red Cross and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul; matched donations by employees; and gave over $1.5 million in consumer personal care and hygiene products to Foodbank Australia in addition to our ongoing product donation program. We also provided uncapped paid leave for our people who are volunteering with emergency services in response to the bushfire crisis.

10 The large increase in 2019 was attributed to a one-time donation of ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN to Direct Relief that was distributed in support of the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

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