2019 Health for Humanity Report
A young boy smiling in front of blue building
A young boy smiling in front of blue building

Mlolongo Blue Box Clinic, Kenya.

Better Health for All
Better Health for All Contributing to Community Health
  • HC-BP-240a.1
    Description of actions and initiatives to promote access to health care products for priority diseases and in priority countries as defined by the Access to Medicine Index

Strengthening Health Systems

In 2019, we took more steps in our significant long-term commitment to strengthening the front lines of healthcare, driven by our Global Community Impact teams and maintained by grants through the Johnson & Johnson Foundation.

A new center to unite our efforts to support the front lines of healthcare

During the United Nations General Assembly in September 2019, we launched the Center for Health Worker Innovation (CHWI) to address the health worker shortage in healthcare today. The Center leverages the unique insights of Johnson & Johnson with funding through grants from the Johnson & Johnson Foundation to reduce the health worker coverage gap, improve the quality of care through a thriving frontline health workforce, and strengthen primary and community-based health systems. CHWI focuses on nurses, midwives and community health workers, who are the first point of contact in the health system for most patients and communities, and are critical to achieving global health priorities, including universal health coverage. Priorities for CHWI include working to ensure frontline health workers are supported through:

  • Respect & Recognition: being valued by the communities they serve, and accredited and compensated by government and health systems;
  • Training & Education: gaining the skills and capabilities required to deliver their services with confidence and quality;
  • Leadership & Management: provided with opportunities to grow as leaders and effective managers;
  • Wellbeing & Resilience: ability to prioritize their own health and access resources to manage the stress and demands of the job; and
  • Connection & Integration: helping health workers connect to each other, to communities and to health systems.

By 2030, the Center intends to support one million nurses, midwives and community health workers, and strengthen health systems across five continents.

In 2019, CHWI launched its first regional intervention hub in partnership with the Government of Kenya, co-creating the Community Health Units for Universal Health Coverage (CHU4UHC) Platform to integrate community health workers formally into the health system. Recognizing the role of community health workers in delivering preventative and promotive healthcare, CHU4UHC is a key strategy toward the country’s ambitious goal of achieving universal health coverage by 2022. For more details, see the section on Universal Health Coverage.

Advancing training and education for frontline health workers

Clinical training to ensure nurses, midwives and community health workers have the skills and capabilities to deliver quality care with confidence has long been a priority in our programs to advance community health. The programs we have continued to support in 2019, include:

  • Born On Time, a nonprofit that works closely with local governments and stakeholders through preterm birth prevention across communities and local health facilities in Bangladesh, Mali and Ethiopia. Born On Time has trained thousands of nurses, midwives and community health workers to date. The program is poised to far exceed its initial five-year goals. See this video.
  • Safe Birth Even Here, as part of our five-year (2016 – 2020) partnership with the United Nations Population Fund in Liberia, Haiti and Pakistan aimed at reducing maternal and newborn deaths in humanitarian crises and fragile situations. This initiative has provided emergency obstetric and newborn care training to hundreds of midwives, and thousands of women and girls have received health services.
  • UNICEF global partnership, including initiatives to train midwives in India, the Philippines and Vietnam.
Together with partners, trained 74,000 birth attendants, who assisted in
6 million births.

In 2019, we established a new initiative for nurse education financing in Indonesia—a first revolving loan fund to support higher education for Indonesian nursing students to finance an estimated 2,000 healthcare students in the next 10 years. The loan, when repaid, is structured to provide future financing for new nursing cohorts.

Advancing leadership and management training for frontline health workers

We also partner with programs that help build leadership and management skills for health workers across health systems, so they can grow professionally and become effective agents of change. More than 2,000 health system leaders, community health supervisors, primary care managers, and individual frontline health workers have received training through Johnson & Johnson Foundation-supported programs such as:

  • The Sigma North America and Africa Maternal-Child Health Nurse Leadership Academies: Since 2002, Sigma has trained nurses in leadership and management skills, and those nurses have in turn improved the quality of care for women and young children in North America and Africa.
  • The UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Executive Program has helped build the entrepreneurial competence of executives from community-based healthcare and AIDS service organizations since 2002, enhancing their capacity to expand the quality and quantity of care, treatment and support delivered to underserved and vulnerable populations around the country.
  • The Innovating Health for Tomorrow program and the Middle East Health Leadership Programme in partnership with INSEAD have, since 1998, helped senior healthcare leaders across Europe, Middle East and Africa play a vital role in transforming health systems.
  • The Management Development Institute, which has trained health leaders from across Africa since its inception in 2006, focused for the first time in 2019 on training health leaders from the surgical field.
  • Spark Health Africa’s transformational leadership model is helping public-sector teams in Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe build and reinforce more effective health systems to achieve specific health goals, including universal health coverage.

Using technology to connect frontline health workers

We promote the use of digital technology to connect frontline health workers to each other, to communities and to health systems. In 2019, the Johnson & Johnson Foundation continued to support several digital health programs, for example:

  • We invested in TNH Health to improve healthcare in lowincome populations in Brazil through artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbots designed to enhance primary care for pregnant women as well as patients with non-communicable chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.
  • We partnered with South Africa’s pioneering mobile messaging program, MomConnect, celebrating its fifth anniversary in August 2019. To date, the partnership between the South African government, Johnson & Johnson and others has supported millions of mothers to care for themselves and their children.
  • We rolled out mobile messaging initiatives in China (Healthy Family App in partnership with UNICEF China and others) and in Uganda (FamilyConnect in partnership with the Uganda Ministry of Health).
  • We partnered with Medic Mobile to launch its Community Health Toolkit to help large community healthcare systems rapidly adopt ready-to-scale technologies and strategies supporting the delivery of health services by health workers around the world.
Beneficiaries* of our digital health grants, who were connected to the health system via mobile technology included:
  • 6,703
    frontline health workers
  • 2,209,525
    community members
    * Includes all the direct beneficiaries and the healthcare professional beneficiaries.
SDG Commitment Progress Icon that says Good Health and Well Being
5-year Target: 60 million women and children will have received support and tools to enable a healthy future.

2016-2019 Progress: 40.6 million women and children (68% of overall goal achieved)*
* This five-year target is predominantly supported by Johnson & Johnson grants facilitated by the Global Community Impact organization. We are reporting the target as off track due to a shift in our strategy in 2019 which transitions from programs reaching consumer groups directly to programs targeting frontline health workers (i.e., nurses, midwives, and community health workers). We believe this transition will have greater, more far-reaching and sustainable impact on women's and children’s lives in the longer term. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the critical needs facing our frontline health workers and their unique ability to address the healthcare needs of our society, and in particular, the underserved. Our new commitment acknowledges the pivotal role that health workers play in providing essential services to these groups. As such, the programming and tracking toward the original goal are transitioning, with fewer programs directly reaching women and children and more programs reaching the health workers who serve them.

Even with this transition, by the end of the five-year goal period, we estimate that we will have reached nearly 50 million women and children with support and tools to enable a healthy future (or over 80% of the overall target).

We are proud to share that within our Global Disease Challenges goal, our VERMOX (mebendazole) Donation Program has improved the health of hundreds of millions of children. Those targets are reported separately.

Nurse in Africa talking to a mother holding her baby

Johnson & Johnson-supported frontline health workers providing maternal health services in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Our Global Community Impact team with grants from the Johnson & Johnson Foundation partnered with 183 organizations to advance the training, skills-building and leadership development of 75,200 health workers in 54 countries, including:
  • 17,611
  • 7,315
  • 19,936
    community health workers

A new impact venture fund to support communities

In 2019, we launched our new Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures (JNJIV)—an impact investment initiative within the Johnson & Johnson Foundation that targets innovation, including digital health platforms and AI technologies to support the access and delivery of quality and affordable care. JNJIV has committed $5 million to five impact investments in Kenya, the UK and Southeast Asia that have been 80% executed; $1 million dollars was granted in seed funding for impact investments.

JNJIV is building a global portfolio of innovation social enterprises and startups, focusing on addressing the needs of low-income populations. A selection of our investments to date includes:

  • Jacaranda Maternity, a maternity hospital focused on providing affordable, patient-centered care to urban mothers in Kenya;
  • Flare, a Kenya-based emergency response technology platform that connects the largest network of first responders and has reduced emergency response time from an average of 162 minutes to 20 minutes;
  • WaterEquity, a fund that invests in social enterprises and microfinance institutions that deliver access to clean water to homes and communities across Southeast Asia and is expected to provide 4.5 million people with water access over its seven-year term; and
  • TNH Health, an AI-enabled public telehealth platform in Brazil to monitor health and build resilience.
It is my hope that the launch of Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures will help galvanize further private funding towards bridging the health gap, improving communities globally and ultimately making the world a healthier place.
Joseph Wolk Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Johnson & Johnson

Nursing-led innovation

Johnson & Johnson seeks to further strengthen our 120-year commitment to the nursing profession by advocating for elevating and empowering nurses as innovative leaders who improve patient outcomes and strengthen health systems. Read more about our programs to champion nurse innovation at nursing.jnj.com.

Some highlights from 2019 include the launch of the Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Platform, which includes the following:

Johnson & Johnson Nurses Innovate QuickFire Challenge Series: The Johnson & Johnson Nurses Innovate QuickFire Challenge Series invites nurses worldwide to share new ideas for treatments, protocols and devices that aim to profoundly change human health. Awardees can earn grants, mentorship and coaching from JLABS, our open-innovation ecosystem for healthcare entrepreneurs, and others from the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies to help bring their ideas to life. In 2019, we launched two Nurses Innovate QuickFire Challenges and were delighted to announce four innovative nurses as awardees:

  • Lauren Wright, MSN, PhD student, AGNP-BC, created The Natural Nipple, an innovative solution that improves maternal and child health outcomes by supporting prolonged breastfeeding.
  • Abby Hess, APRN, DNP, invented a video game app that helps children relax and prepare for surgery. The game is controlled by the child breathing into an anesthesia mask.
  • Debbie Kantor, APRN, Co-Founder at HERO Medical, created the HERO Bandage, a simple one-piece wound care dressing for the head or limbs designed to improve the selfcare and monitoring of chronic wounds.
  • Chao Hsing Yeh, PhD, RN, Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, developed a new treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture that aims to provide a non-invasive, self-administered and nonpharmacological treatment for pre-, intra- and postoperative pain.

SONSIEL Nurse Hackathon: This past November, Johnson & Johnson was the proud sponsor of the inaugural SONSIEL Nurse Hackathon, in partnership with the Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders (SONSIEL), the leading nursing organization for nurse scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs. This event brought over 200 nurses from across the country together for an inspiring and energizing weekend of innovation, networking and problem solving aimed at finding solutions to the challenges nurses experience every day as they deliver care to patients.

Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellowship: Launched in 2019 in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership and Nurse Approved, the Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellowship aims to strengthen the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of inspired and innovative nurses. In the two-year program, our inaugural cohort of 12 Fellows will receive individualized mentoring, complete action learning projects, and develop lifelong connections to a wider network of nurse innovators.

Global signature partnerships and platforms

We maintain several global partnerships and platforms that advance healthcare and improve people’s lives. In 2019, we engaged with our partners through strategic investments, and through our own platforms, around specific needs and events. These included:

CARINGCROWD: To help enable large-scale change for good, we created and operate CARINGCROWD, a crowdfunding platform for global public health. Anyone anywhere in the world can support or lead campaigns on the platform. An independent expert panel reviews projects, and funds raised go directly to vetted nonprofits. Since its launch, CARINGCROWD has helped raise millions of dollars for public health causes and touched almost one million lives. See overall impacts here. Examples of nonprofits that use CARINGCROWD to touch the lives of those who need it most are:

  • African Mothers Health Initiative (AMHI): AMHI provides home-based nursing care to vulnerable babies and postpartum mothers to save lives in rural areas of Malawi, where maternal and infant mortality rates are among the highest in the world.
  • Women’s Global Education Project (WGEP): With its internationally recognized, award-winning approach to women's empowerment, WGEP works to empower women and girls through education to build better lives and foster equitable communities. When girls are educated, their families are healthier, they wed later, and they have more opportunities to generate income.
Female students in front of building

WGEP provides health education workshops to adolescent girls in Kenya and Senegal to empower every girl to stay in school and live up to her life's potential.

Since its launch, CARINGCROWD has generated:
  • $2,023,684
    pledged by individuals
  • $1,249,891
    matched by Johnson & Johnson
  • 423
    successful campaigns for health projects in
  • 40
    countries for 129 nonprofit beneficiaries

Save the Children: Johnson & Johnson announced a pledge of $5 million to Save the Children’s Centennial Commitment in September 2019, directed at providing comprehensive mental health and psychosocial support across different phases of humanitarian response, including for health workers. This continues our longstanding partnership with Save the Children, supporting a range of programs such as newborn survival, support for refugees, response to humanitarian crises and joint advocacy.

UNICEF: Johnson & Johnson and UNICEF have worked together to strengthen health systems in 20 countries and territories for three decades. This year we continued our global partnership, including our $10 million pledge from 2018, to build the capacity of frontline health workers to improve access and quality of care for pregnant women, mothers and their newborns including among indigenous communities in Vietnam and the Philippines.

Johnson & Johnson One Young World Program: Since 2013, we have partnered with One Young World to provide young leaders in healthcare, both within and outside our organization, with unique opportunities to contribute to solving some of the world’s most pressing health issues. In 2019, for the third consecutive year, we collaborated with One Young World to offer scholarships to 12 aspiring young leaders working on the front lines of delivering care across the globe, including a chance to participate in a six-month Global Community Impact leadership and capacity-building program.

A  group of Johnson  & Johnson employees  at One Young World Summit in London, UK

Some of the Johnson & Johnson young change-makers during the 2019 One Young World Summit in London, UK. The Company's theme for its 2019 young leadership capacity-building program was focused on "Build your Resiliency for Change: Adapt, Recover, Grow."

Operation Smile: For more than 30 years, Johnson & Johnson has helped Operation Smile with financial and product contributions to provide smiles to children around the world born with cleft lips and palates. In 2015, we made a five-year $25 million commitment to advancing Operation Smile’s cause, and as part of this, in 2019, we held our annual Smile Week, supporting fundraising through a range of initiatives around the world with the end goal of improving possibilities of surgery access for children.

Global Citizen: Since 2016, we have partnered with social action platform Global Citizen to address public health challenges. In 2019, as the Major Health Sponsor, we again had a strong presence at the Global Citizen Festival in New York on World AIDS Day. At this event, Dr. Paul Stoffels, Vice Chairman of Johnson & Johnson's Executive Committee, and Chief Scientific Officer, announced that we were commencing an HIV vaccine study in men who have sex with men, and in transgender populations. Along with Dr. Stoffels at the Festival, celebrity Laverne Cox and two nurses from our 5B documentary film celebrated the important work done on Ward 5B at San Francisco General in the early 1980s to advance the way patients with HIV and AIDS are cared for. Read more about these events in our section on Making HIV History.

Donate a Photo: This is our long-running program to connect people to nonprofits, increasing awareness and resources for deserving causes including women’s and children’s health.

Supporting the Special Olympics: Through our Janssen business in Europe, we established a partnership with Special Olympics Belgium and the Netherlands to raise awareness about life with a disability. We hosted a selection of Special Olympics athletes to challenge employees to take part in sports activities on Challenge Day, as part of the Play Unified Campaign.

In partnership with Lions Club International, supported delivery of 12 million eye care screenings and corrective treatments (spectacles) to 120,000 underserved children.
BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages activated the partnership with (RED) to help fund a diverse range of lifesaving HIV/AIDS programs across eight countries in sub-Saharan Africa. In prior years we activated partnerships with JOHNSON’S, LISTERINE, and STAYFREE.

Our giving

At Johnson & Johnson, inspired by Our Credo, we use our scale and resources for good, contributing to many causes and initiatives around the world to help advance health and improve people’s lives through targeted initiatives providing local support, engaging employees in our communities, supporting them in cases of emergencies, and donating products for a range of needs. For details of our approach, see our Position on Community Impact.

Product donations and financial support

In the United States, we also support independent initiatives by donating medicines and funding to the Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation Inc. (JJPAF), an independent, nonprofit organization committed to helping eligible patients without insurance coverage receive prescription products donated by Johnson & Johnson operating companies. In 2019, we donated $1.2 billion in free product and financial support to JJPAF, enabling the Foundation to provide medicines at no cost to approximately 82,000 patients.

Also, in the United States, in 2019, we joined other leading pharmaceutical companies to create the Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT) program, connecting patients, caregivers, and providers with hundreds of different financial assistance programs that may help them afford their medicines. MAT also provides patients with more transparency about medicine costs, helping them to make more informed healthcare decisions.

Our Performance

Our Giving




Total products and cash contributed globally (millions) $1,806 $1,612 $1,469
Products contributed globally (millions) $1,383 $1,299 $1,242
Cash contributed globally (millions) $423 $313 $227

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