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Better Health for All
Global Public Health Strategy

Global Public Health Strategy

Johnson & Johnson has a longstanding commitment to addressing unmet needs of underserved populations. As the largest healthcare company in the world, we have an opportunity, and a duty, to impact the health of people everywhere, and this is especially relevant today as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to lay bare and exacerbate the disparities in healthcare systems worldwide. Our industry-first, fully dedicated Global Public Health (GPH) organization combines world-class research and development, global strategy and external affairs capabilities with local implementation and impact teams to tackle the biggest health challenges facing the underserved, measuring our success in lives improved.

1 VERMOX Peru Biblioteca - 19 de 30.jpg
During the COVID-19 pandemic, community healthcare workers in Peru traveled door-to-door to reach children with VERMOX Chewable tablets for treatment of intestinal worms. The medicine is donated by Johnson & Johnson and implemented by INMED Partnerships for Children.
The mission of our dedicated Global Public Health organization is to make relevant innovations that save lives, cure patients and prevent disease available, affordable and accessible for the world’s most vulnerable and underserved populations.

Over the past five years since the launch of GPH GPH Global Public Health View entire glossary , we have realized significant progress in key areas including HIV, TB, Ebola, and more recently, COVID-19, among many others. Our ambitions for the future are captured in our Health for Humanity 2025 Goals that are embedded in the new, ambitious public health strategy that sets our direction for the next decade. Our legacy and progress give us confidence to take on the world’s toughest healthcare challenges and substantially increase our public health impact for billions of people in underserved communities around the world.

We will achieve our expanded impact by:

  • Focusing on innovation to deliver transformational outcomes for patients across the full spectrum of our GPH portfolio, using next-gen science to combine (i) R&D with (ii) real-world evidence with potential for public health impact in resource-limited settings;
  • Tackling emerging pathogens by establishing the capabilities needed to identity and develop counter measures for potential threats by building on our existing work against dengue and recent efforts on COVID-19;
  • Significantly scaling up our organizational capabilities to lead, manage, deliver and partner on a broad range of GPH initiatives, using integrated technology, patient insights, unique collaborations and a core internal team of specialists;
  • Reaching more underserved populations through even closer collaboration across all the Johnson & Johnson companies to leverage the full scale and synergies of our resources, including deeper engagement with our Global Community Impact organization and its commitment to support frontline health workers; and
  • Expanding our scope to include a focus on global surgery, in close collaboration with JJMDC JJMDC Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices View entire glossary . This includes obstetric fistula, a preventable and treatable birth injury caused by prolonged labor, which occurs most frequently in areas where it is difficult to access professional medical care. For many years, we have pioneered programs with organizations like the United Nations Population Fund and the Fistula Foundation. Such programs reduce the suffering and stigma of obstetric fistula through community outreach, surgeon and surgical team training, product donations, and post-surgical rehabilitation. We are continuing to support women who suffer from this devastating injury through our new Health for Humanity 2025 Goal:

2025 Goals

For full details of this Goal and KPI, see our Health for Humanity 2025 Goals.
Reduce Burden of Obstetric Fistula
By 2025, reach 10,000 women living with obstetric fistula by strengthening the capacity of health workers and supporting delivery of surgical repair.
For full details of this Goal and KPI, see our Health for Humanity 2025 Goals.
For full details of this Goal and KPI, see our Health for Humanity 2025 Goals.

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We share our progress in 2020 in the following areas:

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