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Addressing critical public health challenges requires bold leadership and novel approaches. Despite tremendous progress in medical science and technology during the last decades, significant health gaps remain for many people around the globe. Emerging new global challenges will require collective effort and partnerships to deliver solutions. Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health (GPH) is the first fully dedicated organization within a healthcare company focused on combining innovative R&D, novel access programs, country-based operations and advocacy. GPH aims to ensure that treatments and technologies are available, affordable and accessible for the world’s most underserved populations as we work to realize a world without disease.

Our GPH strategy tackles some of the world’s most pressing health challenges, targeting transformational health outcomes for individuals and communities. This includes aspirations to eliminate human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and tuberculosis (TB), and reduce the burden of neglected tropical diseases and non-communicable diseases alongside addressing critical issues such as mental health and the threat of drug resistance and global pandemics.

We recognize that our efforts to advance better health for all by establishing ecosystems of care are a major undertaking, and that our goals are daunting in all respects. But we know that with our breadth, scale and long-term relationships in all facets of health, we are uniquely positioned to take the lead. We believe better health is the foundation of social advancement. When people are healthy, they can gain an education, take care of their families and contribute productively to their economies; better health for all means thriving communities.
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Jaak Peeters, Global Head, Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health

As a global healthcare leader, Johnson & Johnson is at the forefront of addressing the world’s most intractable diseases. In 2018, we maintained our planned actions to reduce the burden of prominent diseases and are on track against our published targets, advancing better health for adults and children around the world.

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SDG Commitment Progress
Global Disease Challenges
5-year Target: 175 million individuals will have benefited from Johnson & Johnson solutions that prevent, control and eliminate global diseases.
2016-2018 Progress: 306 million beneficiaries (175% of overall goal achieved).

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