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Environmental Health

A smiling Johnson & Johnson employee stands with a clipboard with a wind turbine in the background
ESG Policies & Positions

At Johnson & Johnson, we understand that human health and environmental health are fundamentally linked—healthy people need a healthy planet. We are marshaling our resources, expertise and convening power to positively impact planetary health while also ensuring the resilience or our business for generations to come. This commitment includes continually striving to improve the environmental footprint of our operations, our products and our value chain while working with like-minded partners to tackle today’s global health challenges at the intersection of human and environmental health.

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, released in February 2022, noted: We now know that a healthy planet is fundamental to secure a liveable future for people on Earth and that’s why we say that the needs of climate, nature and local communities have to be considered together and prioritized in decision making and planning—every day and in every region of our world.49

At Johnson & Johnson, our commitment to the health of our planet is grounded in Our Credo values that say we must protect the environment and natural resources we are privileged to use and is inspired by Our Purpose to change the trajectory of health for humanity—because we know healthy people need a healthy planet. That is why in addition to the decades of effort to improve the environmental performance of our business, we also work with partners to make a difference beyond our value chain, advancing solutions that help improve the health of people and our planet.
Paulette Frank
Chief Sustainability Officer, Johnson & Johnson

Our Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Standards reflect industry best practices and aim to ensure that all Johnson & Johnson entities around the world are compliant with applicable environmental laws and regulations and that they maintain consistently high-quality EH&S performance in line with our goals and the multiple metrics that we track at every facility and through our supply chain (see section: Responsible Supply Base).

EH&S Governance Indicators*

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* See the EH&S Compliance and Certification table in the ESG Performance Data section of this Report for footnote considerations related to EH&S Governance data.

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Our Health for Humanity 2025 Goals include three ambitions

Our Goals are aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and doing our part to address one of the greatest global public health challenges of our time—climate change. In parallel, we drive improvements across resource consumption and product development and packaging optimizations as part of our ongoing environmental sustainability activities.

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