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EHS&S Governance

  • Our global Environmental Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S) team is headed by our Vice President, EHS&S, and partners with other functional teams throughout Johnson & Johnson to drive environmental sustainability and workplace safety across our entire value chain. The EHS Council, comprised of the EHS&S leadership team and representatives from business segments, provides additional guidance.
  • The Johnson & Johnson Executive Committee and the Board of Directors provide oversight.
  • The Science, Technology & Sustainability Committee (STSC) of our Board of Directors provides support by identifying emerging science and technology policy and public health issues. In addition, STSC reviews Johnson & Johnson policies, goals and performance related to environmental sustainability.
  • The Regulatory Compliance Committee of the Board of Directors oversees compliance with environment, health and safety (EHS) regulatory requirements and overall workplace safety performance.

For our published policies and statements relating to EHS&S, please see:

EHS&S Management System

  • We maintain a comprehensive suite of EHS&S Standards that provide frameworks for action across our operations. These Standards are reviewed annually.
  • We certify our manufacturing and R&D sites to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard within three years of establishment or acquisition.
  • We maintain an audit program focusing on EHS compliance and risk, with operational and R&D sites audited every three years. Findings and corrective actions are tracked and addressed.
  • We also maintain a management incident notification process for applicable EHS&S non-compliances, accidental releases, and safety incidents within both four hours of occurrence for awareness and 24 hours of occurrence for additional information.

Our Performance

EHS Governance

  2018  2017  2016 
Number of manufacturing and R&D sites certified to ISO 14001 112 102 101
Percentage of manufacturing and R&D sites certified to ISO 14001 99% 94% 94%
Percentage of manufacturing and R&D sites certified to Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 32% 33% 33%
Number of environmental non-compliances 44 64 144
Fines paid for environmental non-compliances (thousands) $2

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