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Lifecycle Assessment with EARTHWARDS

EARTHWARDS is our approach for encouraging the development of more sustainable products. Focusing on the lifecycle areas with the highest potential impact, we prioritize improvements for the largest possible impact reduction. When a product achieves at least three significant improvements across our seven impact areas, a board of external experts determines if it warrants EARTHWARDS recognition. Since we launched EARTHWARDS in 2009, 139 products have been recognized, with 31 newly recognized in 2018. Our adherence to the EARTHWARDS methodology is audited annually by an external verification company.

2020 Goals Progress
On Track
New and existing products representing 19.6% of Johnson & Johnson revenue achieved EARTHWARDS recognition.

To brainstorm ideas and spur innovation across our global product stewardship teams, we organize EARTHWARDS Innovation sessions. These are workshops where we use a suite of tools and resources to have our cross-functional teams think about their products from a sustainability perspective and identify areas of improvement.

EARTHWARDS innovation workshops held resulting in 3 recognitions

Product Recognitions in 2018

Consumer: SUNDOWN Todo Dia

SUNDOWN Todo Dia Repellent is the combination sunscreen/bug repellent launched in Brazil to simplify consumers’ routines. By combining two formulations into one product, the project team achieved a 48% reduction in weight of materials, and the same amount of reduction in weight of primary packaging. Thus, SUNDOWN Todo Dia Repellent addresses the consumer need of protection against the elements in an efficient and more sustainable way. 

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Medical Devices: SURGICEL Original Absorbable Hemostat

Of the many EARTHWARDS recognitions39 in 2018, a standout for Medical Devices was our SURGICEL Original. SURGICEL Absorbable Hemostat (oxidized regenerated cellulose) is used adjunctively in surgical procedures to assist in the control of capillary, venous, and small arterial hemorrhage when ligation or other conventional methods of control are impractical or ineffective.40 SURGICEL Original met four product sustainability improvement areas by using Forest Stewardship Council Certified® paper in the packaging, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 99% at one point of distribution, limiting waste by 66% in comparison to a previous product, and innovating new and unique in-house machinery to create the product.41 

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Pharmaceutical: Apalutamide

Early in 2018, ERLEADA (apalutamide) became the first medicine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, which is defined as prostate cancer that has not spread but continues to grow despite treatment with hormone therapy, and in the same year earned EARTHWARDS recognition based on sustainability improvements demonstrated during the development process. These include application of "Green Chemistry and Technology" principles used in the development of a new active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) synthesis route and the reuse of solvent. A cross-functional team assessed these improvements, which resulted in relevant reductions in the use of raw material, water and waste. In addition, ERLEADA was assigned the EARTHWARDS "innovation" impact area, based on the innovative API synthesis route, which resulted in multiple patents granted, and the application of process analytical tools, leading to a significant reduction in the use of energy. 

Our Performance

EARTHWARDS Products Summary

  2018  2017  2016 
Number of EARTHWARDS-recognized products, cumulative since 2009 139 118 93
Annual savings from EARTHWARDS-recognized products sold*
Packaging reduced (MT) 14,139 14,932 4,488
Material reduced (MT) 1,170 22,838 66,779
Water saved (liters) 1,768,260 623,684 214,096,470
Waste reduced (MT) 179.9 202.84 689,793
GHG emissions avoided (MT CO2e) 43,000 70,000 not reported
* Savings are for products recognized through the end of 2017 and are estimated based on best available methodologies for each impact reduction area; select products are not included in savings estimation because of lack of detailed data; we track savings starting the first full calendar year after a product is recognized.

39 Each EARTHWARDS recognition is as compared to the previous version of the product.
40 SURGICEL Absorbable Hemostat Instructions for Use.
41 SURGICEL EARTHWARDS, S. Ramcharitar, C. Gruel, November 2018.

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