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Advancing Public Health

Six healthcare professionals attend to a patient suffering from COVID-19 in an operating room setting
Global Health Equity
Advancing Public Health
ESG Policies & Positions

We have a longstanding commitment to tackling the toughest health challenges facing underserved populations in the U.S. and all around the world. We innovate from the lab to the last mile of care and access, enabled by our dedicated Global Public Health (GPH) organization. As innovators, we are committed to pioneering and sustainably delivering meaningful and transformational products in areas where we believe we can make a profound difference. Working with global and local partners, we strive to ensure the critical solutions necessary are within reach of those who need them to save lives, cure patients and prevent disease.

The mission of our dedicated GPH organization is to develop relevant innovations that save lives, cure patients and prevent disease and make them available, affordable and accessible for the world’s most vulnerable and underserved populations.

A healthcare provider talks to a patient in a rural setting
Our Health for Humanity 2025 Goals include multiple ambitions to advance public health by:
  • creating access plans for endemic diseases;
  • improving access to schizophrenia treatments;
  • reducing the burden of obstetric fistula; and
  • supporting frontline health workers.

These goals are part of our broader aims to address public health that include improving access to HIV HIV Human immunodeficiency virus and TB TB Tuberculosis treatments (see sections: HIV and Tuberculosis) and advancing healthcare for women (see section: Medical Safety).

Our work toward all these goals will make a considerable contribution to four SDGs SDGs Sustainable Development Goal (of the United Nations) :


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