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Health for Humanity Strategy & Goals

As the world’s largest and most broadly-based healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson has a unique ability to apply its expertise and partnering power to solve some of the most difficult global health challenges. We focus our sustainability efforts where we believe our Company can achieve the greatest impact. These efforts are grounded in Our Credo values, informed by our Company’s purpose to change the trajectory of health for humanity and based on our sustainability priorities identified through our Priority Topics Assessment. In those areas where we believe we can achieve the greatest impact we set goals and annually report our progress with independent assurance validation.

At Johnson & Johnson, our Health for Humanity sustainability approach means generating social, environmental and economic value for all of Our Credo stakeholders: patients, consumers, healthcare providers and all others we serve, employees, the communities in which we live and work, business partners, investors and society as a whole.

Our enterprise strategic framework provides clear guidance for both short-term and long-term decision-making. It explains the philosophy behind how we operate and our response to global trends and societal shifts, and it identifies the levers that inform our response and actions. Through our enterprise principles—to remain broadly based in healthcare, use our reach and size for good, lead with agility and urgency, and invest for enduring impact—we frame the priorities for our business segments and enabling functions. And our growth drivers—creating life-enhancing innovation, delivering excellence in execution, generating shared value through partnerships and empowering and inspiring our employees—facilitate and accelerate our ability to drive long-term value creation.

Our Enterprise Strategic Framework


For our view and performance on environmental, social and governance, see our ESG Resources page and our 2020 ESG Summary.

Health for Humanity and UN SDGs 2020 Performance Summaries

In 2016 we set an ambitious five-year plan to continue advancing better health for all, environmental stewardship and responsible business practices across our extended value chain by leveraging the power of our people, expertise, and global partnerships. Our Health for Humanity 2020 Goals are aligned with Johnson & Johnson's purpose and reflect the areas where we can make the greatest impact and where our stakeholders expect us to lead. Achieving our Health for Humanity Goals is integral to our commitment to create value for all stakeholders, and we consider them Key Performance Indicators of our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

Along with our Health for Humanity 2020 Goals, we also announced our commitment in 2016 to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the global framework for progress toward a more sustainable future for all, in the areas that reflect Johnson & Johnson's unique constellation of strengths: health workforce, women’s and children’s health, essential surgery, global disease challenges and environmental health. This Report reflects the final year of progress we made on our Health for Humanity Goals and UN SDGs Commitment and highlights how we envision living into Our Purpose through our Health for Humanity 2025 Goals.

Health for Humanity 2020 Goals Progress Scorecard
UN SDGs Commitment Progress Scorecard

Health for Humanity 2025 Goals

Our new Health for Humanity 2025 Goals represent an ambitious next step in our journey to profoundly impact the trajectory of health for billions of people. Our Goals were informed by our Priority Topics Assessment, the SDGs and the trends and events of 2020. They were based on a collaborative cross-functional approach, supported by a clear governance and oversight structure including two Executive Committee sponsors, and informed by internal and external stakeholder feedback. The 2025 Goals were reviewed and approved by our full Executive Committee and reviewed by the Board of Directors' Science, Technology & Sustainability Committee. The 21 Goals reflect our commitment to advance a healthier world where people and communities can thrive so the next generation is healthier than the last. Through our Goals, we will actively contribute to 11 SDGs, which span global health, social justice, environmental stewardship and responsible business practices, while taking on two of the most fundamental health challenges of our time: pandemics and epidemics, and global health equity.

Our Goals progress in future years will be tracked and independently assured against Key Performance Indicators identified for each Goal. Our 2025 Goals are highlighted throughout this Report.

Learn more: Health for Humanity 2025 Goals.

SDG Goals Graphic

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