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Stakeholder expectations and the business environment in which we operate constantly evolve. Our Priority Topics Assessment (PTA) process helps us identify and prioritize the environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics that matter most to our stakeholders and our Company. The results inform and shape our sustainability priorities and reporting. We have been conducting PTAs every two to three years since 2008, with our most recent assessment conducted in 2016. The stakeholder feedback from that 2016 assessment continues to inform our reporting for this Report reflecting 2018. A detailed description of the 2016 PTA process, methodology, and definitions of topics be can found here.

For this Report we grouped our priority topics into four main sections, as shown in the Priority Topics Assessment grid below. Certain priority topics are reflected in multiple sections because of their cross-cutting nature.

Priority Topics Assessment
Priority Topics Assessment
* Market Presence and Indirect Economic Development are reported as part of Economic Performance and Community Impact & Development, respectively.

To see how our Priority Topics map to the Global Reporting Initiative Standards, please see this table.

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