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Employee Attraction & Development

Johnson & Johnson employees in Argentina at their workstations with an ACUVUE sign behind them on the wall
Our Employees
Employee Attraction & Development
ESG Policies & Positions

Our global employee base grew in 2021, adding thousands more individuals to our global team and engaging them in our mission to change the trajectory of health for humanity.

In 2021, we hired 22,543 new colleagues across the Enterprise, of whom 54% were women.

New Employee Hires by Region


Attraction and recruitment: Our recruitment efforts included outreach through a wide range of channels and partners to encourage a diverse representation of candidates, reflecting the communities we serve. Employee referrals generated a significant proportion of our hiring efforts, demonstrating employee confidence in Johnson & Johnson as an attractive workplace. In 2021, we maintained our Re-Ignite program, a paid returnship for experienced professionals ready to return to work after a career break of two years or longer, that includes mentoring, technical training and alumni guidance during the returnship period and offers a nurturing environment for returning employees to rebuild a meaningful career. Also, during the year, we introduced a digital-first onboarding experience, offering flexible orientation and training for those who joined our global team.

Professional development: We continued to deliver our suite of leadership and other professional development programs that engage employees in improving their skills and competencies in line with career and personal growth objectives.

In 2021, we maintained a hybrid learning and development approach, with many of our programs being delivered virtually where in-person training venues were not possible due to local workplace guidance during the ongoing pandemic. Two new programs were added in 2021 for senior leaders:

  • The Global Business Consortium is a unique program hosted by the London Business School that brings together a network of companies and professionals to think differently and collaborate across industries to find innovative solutions to business challenges.
  • The TRANSCEND program is a 15-month-long course developing leaders in entrepreneurship, ecosystem leadership, transformation and energy. It includes in-person residencies, a team-based action, a development workshop, virtual modules, coaching and engagements with leaders.

Our People Development Resources

See our Position on Employee Development for details on the full suite of opportunities.

Spend on Employee Learning and Development (Millions)


Professional development in 2021 included:

  • Adding hundreds more individuals to our Enterprise Sponsorship Program, with success demonstrated by a high proportion of those sponsored experiencing career movement within two years of the program;
  • Launching a new development program for manager-level diverse and underrepresented talent;
  • Expanding our new development experience for first-time people leaders globally to enhance people management skills across the Enterprise; and
  • Engaging thousands of employees in more than 70 countries in our LinkedIn Learning platform, accessible in different languages, with programs completed across a broad range of topics.
new leaders participated in our Enterprise Leader Development Program in 2021, bringing the total number of leaders trained to date to 13,131
employees in the U.S. and Puerto Rico participated in the tuition reimbursement program
of employees completed year-end performance reviews
of Managers and above moved across functions, country or business segment lines, building diversity of experiences*
voluntary turnover rate
* Career progression movement includes upward promotion and lateral transfer and excludes employees in the R&D organizations.

Employee compensation and benefits: Our compensation framework includes a set of core principles that guide all compensation decisions, recognizing the important contributions of our employees to deliver our mission in ways that align with our values. We are committed to pay equity, including gender and ethnic/racial group pay equity. From time to time, we analyze our pay across functions and levels and strive to eliminate unconscious bias or other barriers to full pay equity across the Enterprise, expanding our review to a wider sampling of countries in 2021. Additionally, we completed our annual living wage assessment with the aim of ensuring all employees globally receive pay that is competitive in their local markets and sufficient to support a sustainable standard of living for them and their families (see section: Human Rights). In addition to salary and wages, our benefits packages aim to improve the quality of life for employees by providing support for family, health and well-being; education; and long-term financial management needs. We continuously review and update the range of benefits we offer in line with new needs as they arise, employee feedback and changes in market practices.

New hybrid working model: In 2021, in recognition of the new way of working, we initiated J&J Flex, a hybrid model that empowers our eligible office-based employees to find the right productivity and balance of in-person and remote work. This model allows for work to happen seamlessly across a variety of workplaces and is enabled by an array of enhanced collaboration tools and technology to optimize productivity and connection. J&J Flex rolled out in late 2021 globally and will continue deployment through 2022 as protocols and requirements related to the COVID-19 pandemic allow. We continue to evaluate flexible work strategies for our on-site workforce, such as virtual onboarding and training, to help our employees balance their personal and professional lives. Also, we continued to enhance our benefits offerings with access to wellness tools, on-site vaccine clinics, mental health support resources and delivery of at-home testing kits.

During 2021, we also introduced a number of new benefits to support the well-being of our employees and their families (see section: Employee Health, Safety & Wellness).

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