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Employee Engagement

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Our Employees
Employee Engagement

Across Johnson & Johnson, employees find inspiration in Our Purpose to change the trajectory of health and leverage the platforms, tools and resources that we provide across the Enterprise to help everyone contribute effectively. We encourage open and inclusive communications so that everyone feels welcome to offer ideas and suggestions about how we can improve outcomes for patients and consumers as well as in the way we care for our communities and our planet.

Listening to our employees: In 2021, we conducted our biennial Our Voice Survey, which was administered in 77 countries and made available in 36 languages. In a year of continued unprecedented challenges, the Company achieved a significant participation rate and improved favorability, which reflects how we are fulfilling our commitments to our employees.

We benchmark our performance on the Our Voice Survey with the Mayflower Group, which is a consortium of top-tier, global companies dedicated to employee surveys. Our scores fall well above the median score of the Mayflower Group companies with regard to employees recommending the Company as a great place to work and wanting to stay with the Company—both critical components of employee engagement. Following analysis of the detailed results, which were communicated to all employees, we developed plans to address the main areas of opportunity identified by our employees’ voice, both at the corporate level and within individual teams.

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In alternate years, we conduct Our Credo Survey, which tracks employee sentiment and feeling of being connected to our colleagues and our values.

Recognizing employees: In addition to various awards and honors programs that recognize the contributions of our employees across different functions and regions, we maintain our global peer recognition platform, Inspire, which reaches all of our global workforce in 77 countries. During 2021, thousands of recognition moments celebrated meaningful contributions and purpose-led behaviors among our employees. In 2021, we expanded Inspire to include service anniversary and retirement awards for employees in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Keeping employees informed: In 2021, we launched a one-stop internal web page for information, tools and resources to support employees across all facets of human resources management, including benefits, compensation, health and well-being, learning and development, and more. This new tool has enhanced usability, searchability and overall employee experience and engagement with human resources content.

Health for Humanity 2025 Goals | Our Employees

Women in STEM2D
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On track
Progress: Reached 317,800 girls through 290 events and 240 activities.

Women in STEM: Through our Health for Humanity 2025 Goals, we encourage our employees to play an active role in engaging with our nonprofit partners to expose more girls to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, manufacturing and design (STEM2D) activities in the knowledge that advancing gender equality in technical professions will both strengthen society and also build a stronger pipeline of diverse talent in these under-resourced professions, critical to advancing innovation in healthcare.

Our Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing and Design (WiSTEM2D) initiative supports youth, undergraduates, scholars and professionals and has been active since 2015. Through our WiSTEM²D Youth Pillar, where we seek to spark enchantment with STEM2D in young women and girls all around the globe through creative problem-solving and play, in 2021 more than 2,400 Johnson & Johnson employee volunteers directly engaged with approximately 300,000 girls. The program also indirectly engaged with more than 6 million girls through nonprofit partnerships and teachers across more than 30 countries.

Additionally, our WiSTEM²D University Pillar organizes events and activities with partner universities as well as internships, professional development programs and various other opportunities for students. In 2021, WiSTEM²D partnered with more than 65 universities and delivered more than 90 events, reaching more than 7,000 undergraduate university students.

Each year since 2017, we have selected female STEM2D tenure-track professors who are making key STEM2D discoveries as part of our ongoing WiSTEM²D Scholars Award Program. Each awardee receives a grant of $150,000 and three years of mentorship. Despite research work being severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, we received more than 430 applications from highly qualified nominees from around the world. With a focus on global diversity, more than 68% of applicants were from outside the U.S. We again selected six women scholars, whose work represents pivotal global innovations across diverse fields of interest for better healthcare outcomes.

Innovative research areas of Johnson & Johnson’s 2021 WiSTEM2D Scholars

Science: Image-based RNA RNA Ribonucleic acid mapping and sequencing for complex biological systems such as cancer and single viral species such as wastewater
Technology: Off-grid solar membrane water treatment with the potential to convert seawater to fresh water
Engineering: Women’s urogynecological health using nanotechnology and 3D cellular bioprinting
Mathematics: Computational models to study the evolutionary dynamics of cancer and optimize cancer immunotherapy
Manufacturing: Optimizing plastics manufacturing to mitigate their harm to human and environmental health
Design: Decoding the complexities of human hand function for assistive technologies

Engaging Employees for Healthy Communities

Johnson & Johnson’s GCI GCI Global Community Impact organization drives our Talent for Good strategy to inspire our employees to help create healthy communities across the globe. Talent for Good offers a wide variety of engagement opportunities for employees, inviting each to take part at their preferred level of participation in a focus area of their interest. Programs include skills-based volunteering opportunities via short- and long-term programs with nonprofit community partners, quarterly giving drives to support local communities and hands-on volunteering through our Company-wide days of caring.

Talent for Good Program Overview


In 2021, we maintained our Talent for Good programs across the Enterprise, with most remaining virtual for the health and safety of our employees and partners. Hundreds of employees from around the globe took part in skills-based pro bono programs serving partner organizations across Talent for Good platforms. An overview of programs and progress in 2021 includes:

  • Bridge to Employment: engages employees as mentors to help high school students improve academic performance and learn about different career opportunities. The extension program, Pathway to Success, supports students through their college years, providing additional workshops and internships at Johnson & Johnson. In 2021, Johnson & Johnson employees volunteered more than 3,000 hours mentoring more than 800 students worldwide, and virtual internships were offered at different Johnson & Johnson locations.
  • One Young World: engages employees to support frontline health leaders on various projects as well as provide guidance and mentorship, building young leadership capacity across the globe to change the trajectory of health. More than 130 employees engaged with the program, collaborating with 12 external scholars on projects addressing the front lines of care and providing mentoring/coaching to participants.
  • WiSTEM2D: engages employees globally to inspire young girls and women to enter STEM2D fields (see section: Women in STEM).
  • Vital Voices Global Partnership: provides Johnson & Johnson employees with the unique opportunity to support women leaders by helping them build stronger, more effective organizations and improve their capacity as leaders. Through the VV100 program, we supported women leaders at the forefront of change with more than 130 employee volunteers providing hundreds of hours of virtual consulting support to 40 women.
  • Talent for Healthy Communities: creates greater engagement and awareness between employees and partners in the same local community through a hybrid pro bono program addressing critical capacity-building needs in that community. The 2021 program included 25 community partners and 133 employees from 27 countries.
  • Global Pro Bono: engages employees in pairs with selected partner organizations working on the front lines of health to support them and build organizational capacity over a period of 12 weeks for 20% of their time. The 2021 program included 11 partners and 47 employees from all of our four geographic regions.
  • Pro Bono for Health Equity: the newest Talent for Good program, launched in 2021, utilizes the skills and talents of Johnson & Johnson employees to build the capacity of U.S.-based Community Health Centers supporting communities of color. This program is part of Our Race to Health Equity commitment.
  • Global Secondment Program: enables and empowers selected Johnson & Johnson employees to support partner organizations on the front lines of health to raise public health standards in communities around the globe by sharing their knowledge, skills and passions over a four- to six-month time frame.
By working in Johnson & Johnson, we acquire high-quality knowledge and experience, which allow us to provide added value—not only to the business, but also to these social organizations. It made me very happy to serve as team lead for Fundación Sangre Panama’s project to define a communications and promotional plan for an app that improves this partner’s community impact.
Francy Elena Ninco Polania
Trade Compliance Lead, Colombia, Supply Chain, Johnson & Johnson
Getting out of our comfort zones is very important for our personal and professional growth. To balance Global Pro Bono with my other projects, I awoke early each morning to dedicate time to my pro bono partner, Reach52, supporting the user experience of a portal for community health workers and community access managers. This adjustment to my usual morning routine changed my life in amazing ways, filling me with energy for my workday.
Yumiko Shimizu
Supply Chain Manager, Japan, Consumer Health, Johnson & Johnson

Engaging Employees for a Healthy Planet

WeSustain, our environmental sustainability employee engagement program, mobilizes passionate employees to improve the environmental health of the places where we live, work and sell our products. In 2021, the number of WeSustain teams active across 32 countries increased from 67 to 78. WeSustain teams are focused on taking action to protect the environment and human health by educating and inspiring other employees to adopt sustainable behaviors through their roles at work and at home. A few examples of how local teams brought unique sustainability engagements to life this year include:

  • WeSustain Middle East initiated a four-month pilot to recycle a significant segment of the Ethicon portfolio.
  • WeSustain Brazil organized an employee sustainability forum that attracted employees from all across the Latin America region to hear from internal and external thought leaders.
  • WeSustain Japan focused on fostering a culture of sustainability through awareness and educational opportunities. In 2021, the team hosted several webinars and community activities, engaging thousands of employees throughout the year.
  • WeSustain Guelph, Canada, partnered with a local community group to turn green space around our manufacturing site into a pollinator-friendly ecosystem. In early 2022, the site received certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Additionally, during 2021, we facilitated employee education and engagement through the following programs:

  • We launched an optional self-paced online learning and development program on environmental sustainability and our environmental goals. Thousands of employees completed the program within six months of launch.
  • We continued to activate our virtual platform, Healthy Planet, launched in 2020, to connect employees from across the world to share ideas and take environmentally sustainable actions through gamification. Customized campaigns, events and idea boards allow us to cover topics that range from water conservation, plastics and packaging, energy, climate and health, nature, and recycling cooperatives to circular economy. Employees completed more than 24,500 actions via Healthy Planet in 2021. Impact metrics from Healthy Planet illustrated employee-led savings, including reduced paper use, reduced trash, lower energy consumption and lower water use.
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