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Today’s rapidly changing world requires new and innovative thinking and solutions. The intertwining strands of change in healthcare, patient and consumer demographics and the workplace pose challenges and opportunities for Johnson & Johnson. These can only be met by using diversity and inclusion (D&I) as a key lever to drive innovation and business results. D&I enables us to better understand and connect with our diverse and multicultural patients, customers and consumers—so we can better serve them every day.

We know that bringing our diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives together is the way to solve today’s complex health problems. Our Credo outlines our responsibility to create an inclusive environment and respect the dignity and diversity of all people. This makes D&I everyone’s responsibility—that of every employee around the globe. Empowering everyone at Johnson & Johnson to perform at their best while being themselves is fundamental to our continued success. That is why we strategically approach D&I as we would any other business imperative.

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In 2018, we continued to progress on D&I by further implementing our D&I strategy, which focuses on three pillars: advance a culture of inclusion and innovation, build a diverse workforce of the future, and enhance business performance and reputation. The strategy starts with helping our people discover ways of working that foster a deep sense of belonging—for themselves, for their teams, for Johnson & Johnson. This enables us to further a culture that can fully leverage the diverse mindsets, experiences and skills of our people and improve health for billions of people.

At Johnson & Johnson, D&I is built into the fabric of our DNA and has always been critical to our success in delivering quality health solutions and innovations to the billions of people we serve around the world. Our commitment to D&I starts at the top with our Chairman and CEO, who holds his senior leaders accountable for progress against their D&I strategies, and drives this commitment through the organization by embedding D&I in his employee communications and engagements. We have systems of accountability through a variety of programs and controls, business reviews and our performance management system. Our leaders role-model inclusive behaviors by holding conversations with employees around mitigating unconscious bias, including D&I in town halls and communications, and by serving as executive sponsors for our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). In fact, every member of the Executive Committee sponsors an ERG. D&I is both who we are and what we do; it’s how we work every day.

Learn more about the progress we are making in D&I at Johnson & Johnson.

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U.S. ERG Chapters
non-U.S. ERG Chapters

Our Performance

Gender Diversity by Job Category

  2018  2017  2016 
Vice Presidents
Women 35.0% 33.1% 31.9%
Men 65.0% 66.9% 68.1%
Managers and Directors
Women 45.6% 44.7% 43.8%
Men 54.4% 55.3% 56.2%
Women 48.5% 47.2% 48.9%
Men 51.5% 52.8% 51.1%

Age Diversity by Job Category

  2018  2017  2016 
Vice Presidents
Under 30 —% —% 0.1%
30 - 50 46.6% 45.6% 45.9%
50+ 53.4% 54.4% 54.0%
Managers and Directors
Under 30 1.4% 1.3% 1.3%
30 - 50 73.9% 74.3% 74.7%
50+ 24.7% 24.4% 23.9%
Under 30 21.4% 20.8% 19.5%
30 - 50 61.7% 62.3% 65.4%
50+ 17.0% 17.0% 15.1%

Ethnic Diversity in the U.S. by Job Category

  2018  2017  2016 
Vice Presidents
White 74.9% 76.0% 79.4%
Minority 25.1% 24.0% 20.1%
- Asian 10.4% not reported not reported
- Black/African American 6.6% not reported not reported
- Hispanic/Latino 7.7% not reported not reported
- Other 0.4% not reported not reported
Managers and Directors
White 70.7% 71.5% 74.2%
Minority 29.3% 28.5% 25.8%
- Asian 16.5% not reported not reported
- Black/African American 4.9% not reported not reported
- Hispanic/Latino 6.9% not reported not reported
- Other 1.1% not reported not reported
Professional category
White 68.4% 68.8% 77.2%
Minority 31.6% 31.2% 22.8%
- Asian 12.0% not reported not reported
- Black/African American 7.3% not reported not reported
- Hispanic/Latino 10.7% not reported not reported
- Other 1.7% not reported not reported

Ethnic Diversity of New Hires in the U.S. by Job Category

Vice Presidents
White 90.3%
Asian 9.7%
Black/African American —%
Hispanic/Latino —%
Other —%
Managers and Directors
White 65.6%
Asian 20.8%
Black/African American 5.8%
Hispanic/Latino 6.5%
Other 1.3%
Professional category
White 63.0%
Asian 16.2%
Black/African American 7.7%
Hispanic/Latino 10.3%
Other 2.8%

Women in Executive and Management Positions*

Women in management positions 45.3%
Women in executive positions 14.3%
* Executives defined as employees reporting directly to the Chairman & CEO; management position defined as paygrade 30 and above.

The Board Diversity

  2018  2017  2016 
Women on the Board 27% 20% 20%
Minorities on the Board 27% 30% 30%

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