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Attracting the Most Talented People

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As a global business, our success tomorrow depends upon the contribution of our people today. Our leaders must have the ability to deliver on our objectives in the light of new trends and developments—including new digital landscapes in healthcare, emerging market growth and dynamic workforce demographics, such as the rise of millennials—expected to comprise one-third of the global workforce by 2020.31 Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace Report (2017) shows that companies in the top quartile for employee engagement are 17% more productive than those in the bottom quartile. At Johnson & Johnson, we believe in attracting the most talented people, investing in their development and engaging them to be their best, so that they can help lead our Company to a future of better health for humanity.

At Johnson & Johnson, each and every employee plays a role in propelling us toward our purpose – and that all starts with ensuring we are attracting and retaining talent who share our values and commitment to changing the trajectory of health for humanity.
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Dave Crutchfield, Global Head, People Experience & HR Service Delivery, Johnson & Johnson

Employee-Centered Experience

positions filled in 2018

Johnson & Johnson is one of the largest recruiters around the world, so it is important that we identify and attract talent to join us in a way that prioritizes the candidate experience and maximizes efficiency and inclusiveness. We are continuously seeking new ways to improve our recruitment process and overall experience. In 2018, for example, we added 15 questions to the early application process to ensure prospective employees share the values expressed in Our Credo.

New agile hiring process

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of new hires were women

To continue to attract and retain the best and most diverse people, we’re creating a new holistic strategy to reimagine and redesign the end-to-end employee experience. Feedback on the hiring experience from hiring managers, Human Resource partners, recruiters and applicants highlighted the need for greater visibility, improved speed, more relevant candidates and a simpler, more intuitive process. In response, we launched the hire.jnj.com platform globally in 2018, providing data-driven analytics and innovative tools as the basis for a faster, transparent, more agile process for managers to hire candidates. Hire.jnj.com includes features such as a dedicated online guide for recruiters, and the Credo Assessment for candidates to reflect our culture and values while providing potential candidates with a user-friendlier application experience.

New digital mobility platform

Given the breadth and scale of Johnson & Johnson, it is natural that we have thousands of people on the move at any given time. Settling in to a different city or country, or even continent, can be a daunting task, so in 2018, we launched Move. Move is a proprietary, integrated, digital platform that helps managers and employees stay in control of all relocation details—from handling expenses to cultural awareness training to family considerations. A global relocation consultant is also on hand to provide guidance and support. Making mobility easier is an important way that supports relocation and enables quick transitions into new roles at Johnson & Johnson, wherever they are. We encourage cross-sector and regional movement, and view it as a crucial way for our employees to have new experiences and develop new insights, contributing to diversity of thought in our culture and to innovation in our business.

Fair Compensation

We are committed to compensating our employees fairly and offering the kinds of benefits that are relevant to meet the needs of today’s employees and their families. Through our compensation framework, a set of core principles that guide all compensation decisions, we recognize the important contribution of our employees to delivering our mission in ways that align with our values.

Our compensation principles

We aim to attract, retain and motivate high-performing employees and benchmark our compensation programs against industry peers to ensure we offer competitive packages.

Pay for performance:
Base salary increases, annual bonuses and long-term incentives are linked to performance at three levels: individual, division and Enterprise.

Accountability for short- and long-term performance:
Performance-based rewards for both short- and long-term financial and strategic business results.

Alignment to shareholders’ interests:
Performance-based compensation is aligned with both the interests of our employees and the long-term interests of our shareholders.

Pay equity:
We are committed to pay equity, including gender pay equity. We analyze our pay across functions and levels, and strive to eliminate unconscious bias or other barriers to full pay equity across the Enterprise.

Hiring Summary

  2018  2017   
Positions filled* 30,802 26,427
External hires 21,309 18,143
Internal hires 9,493 8,284
* These metrics include only territories supported by the system "Talent Acquisition."

Employee Benefits

To support our employee experience, we seek to understand the entire lifecycle needs of our people at work, and help enrich their lives and those of their loved ones with a holistic range of benefits, starting with health and wellbeing and extending to retirement planning and finances. We strive to maintain a high global standard of benefits for all employees, though we tailor these at a country level to account for local employee needs and market norms. In all cases, we aim to offer overall value that is comparable to world-class companies in each market, and each year we evaluate ways to improve our global and local benefits packages to employees.

To support our employee experience, we seek to understand the entire lifecycle needs of our people at work, and help enrich their lives and those of their loved ones with a holistic range of benefits, starting with health and wellbeing and extending to retirement planning and finances.

A selection of employee benefits at global and/or local level*


• On-site health centers at 122 locations across the globe that provide immediate injury/illness care, occupational health and personal health coaching
• On-site fitness centers and global exercise reimbursement
• Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and WorkLife Services including counseling with mental health professionals
• Healthy eating options and support at our facilities' health screenings, cancer awareness and prevention
• Energy management and resilience trainings
• Modified duty and support for returning to work after an injury or illness
• Access to International SOS for business travel, providing one-click access to assistance, as well as medical and security alerts for your business travel destinations
• Tobacco-free workplace and smoking cessation support
• HIV/AIDS confidential testing and support
• Personal health assessment and personalized digital health tools
• Transgender-inclusive health insurance coverage and same-sex partner benefits 


• Global parental leave including a minimum of eight weeks for all new parents
• Breast milk shipping
• Fertility, surrogacy assistance and adoption benefits
• Childcare benefits, including on-site childcare centers, and emergency back-up care, including for children with special needs
• Pet insurance benefits 

Financial health

• Pension/retirement plans
• Retirement Savings Plan**
• Financial planning, including student loans**
• Access to legal counseling
• Enhanced military and first-responder benefits**
• Opportunity to request flexible work arrangements**
• Tuition reimbursement

* This is not an exhaustive list, but is representative of our overall benefits packages. Where possible, we apply benefits globally. However, local regulation or market norms govern local practice.
** United States and Puerto Rico only.  

New global benefit introduced in 2018

To support our holistic health strategy and mental wellbeing, we launched an enhanced and unified global EAP and WorkLife Services program. Starting in North America and gradually rolling out across the globe, this program provides additional resources for employees and family members, including a larger network of specialists, additional training and educational tools and a more well-rounded approach to WorkLife balance, resiliency and stress management. In the United States and Puerto Rico, we began piloting a resilience app resource, designed to help employees tap into their most powerful selves by addressing their unique thinking styles, offering simple techniques to help build resilience and enhance their ability to respond to stressful thoughts and situations. Our aim is to support employees through particularly stressful situations or concerns, including access to confidential short-term counseling, 24/7 online tools and resources, and on-site crisis support. From work and relationship concerns, stress and anxiety, to legal and financial consultation services, this resource is available to employees and their family members at no cost.

New benefits introduced in the United States in 2018

  • To assist employees with managing work and family commitments with the least possible stress, especially when unplanned needs arise, we offer Back-Up Dependent Care. Employees can access up to 15 annual days of back-up family care. New parents have access to 20 additional days of back-up care immediately following return from parental leave.
  • A new Student Loan Assistance Program gives employees access to a web portal that provides information on consolidating and refinancing student loans, as well as coaching with a counselor.
  • Financial Wellness for Life is a free new benefit designed to help employees better manage their savings, debts, investments, retirement planning and other financial needs. This service offers group webinars or personal sessions with financial coaches for employees, spouses and partners.

Our Performance

workforcebygender (1).jpg

Global Workforce by Region

  2018  2017  2016 
Asia Pacific 28,016 26,376 25,036
Europe, Middle East & Africa 43,494 43,636 42,436
Latin America 21,433 20,796 21,268
North America 47,918 44,890 45,998
Total 140,861 135,698 134,738

Global Workforce by Employment Type

  2018  2017  2016 
Global workforce, full time
Women 45.97% 45.31% 44.73%
Men 54.03% 54.69% 55.25%
Global workforce, part time
Women 83.62% 84.83% 84.78%
Men 16.38% 15.17% 15.20%

Global Workforce by Region, by Gender

  2018  2017  2016 
Global workforce, Asia Pacific
Women 45.57% 43.77% 42.52%
Men 54.43% 56.23% 57.48%
Global workforce, Europe, Middle East & Africa
Women 48.47% 48.20% 47.51%
Men 51.53% 51.80% 52.49%
Global workforce, Latin America
Women 49.35% 48.55% 47.52%
Men 50.65% 51.45% 52.40%
Global workforce, North America
Women 45.59% 45.48% 45.69%
Men 54.41% 54.52% 54.31%

New Employee Hires

  2018  2017  2016 
New employee hires, by gender
Women 51.61% 51.29% 51.14%
Men 48.39% 48.71% 48.79%
New employee hires, by age
Under 30 47.12% 44.74% 46.49%
30 - 50 47.96% 47.55% 48.79%
50+ 4.92% 7.68% 4.72%
New employee hires, by region
Asia Pacific 30.11% 24.21% 24.04%
Europe, Middle East & Africa 27.35% 24.83% 28.63%
Latin America 16.88% 17.88% 19.56%
North America 25.66% 33.08% 27.76%

U.S. Employees Benefits

  2018  2017  2016 
U.S. employees that took parental leave, by gender
Women 44% 41% 48%
Men 56% 59% 52%
U.S. employees that returned to work after parental leave ended, by gender*
Women 98% 98% 100%
Men 100% 99% 100%
* In 2018, we revised our calculation methodology to increase accuracy of reported percentages based on actual return to work after parental leave ended.

31 Millennial Careers: 2020 Vision, Manpower Group, 2016.

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