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Our People

Championing Health & Wellness

Our investment in employee health and wellbeing is built on our conviction that advancing health for humanity starts with advancing the health of our own people so that they can be at their personal best every day. Our commitment, led by our Global Health Services Vice President, includes the following elements:

  • Training employees in the principles of ENERGY FOR PERFORMANCE, a training program developed by the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute.
  • Supporting healthy choices and healthier lives through our HealthForce 2020 campaign, including ENERGY FOR PERFORMANCE, HEALTHY & ME and Healthy Eating, Healthy Movement, and Healthy Mind.
  • Providing medical care with on-site clinics staffed with healthcare professionals.
  • Creating healthy work environments designed to promote healthy lifestyles at work, including our Workplace Innovation program.
  • Building or renovating offices and sites based on green building principles.
With the 75th anniversary of Our Credo, we took the opportunity to reinforce our commitment by adding the acknowledgement that we must support the health and wellbeing of our employees. For us, having a healthy workforce means helping employees, families and communities live well across their whole lives—spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and financial—enabling an engaged, purpose-driven workforce.
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Jennifer Bruno, Vice President, Global Health Services, Johnson & Johnson
Healthcare Clinics

We maintain 122 fully staffed on-site healthcare clinics in more than 35 countries across all regions of our business. We are continuously improving and expanding these facilities to provide the best care for our employees. 

2020 Goal Progress
On Track
• 50,200 employees completed ENERGY FOR PERFORMANCE training.

• 96,753 employees engaged in health and wellbeing via the use of digital health tools since 2016.

• 117,132 and 121,446 employees provided access to 70% implemented healthy eating and healthy movement cultures, respectively.

Healthy Workforce Program

We created an internal campaign, HealthForce 2020, to engage all employees and business leaders in achieving our enterprise goals in support of becoming the healthiest workforce. This integrated, Company-wide program continually highlights areas we’re making changes around our workplace to help make the healthy choice the easy choice. We continue to improve our sites with offerings like free fruit, healthier food options, healthy beverages, access to movement opportunities, and convenient resources to keep us connected to our health. We encourage walking meetings and energy breaks, and with ENERGY FOR PERFORMANCE training, we’re working to expand our energy and be our best, at work and at home.

These initiatives and resources support our focus on three core health pillars—Healthy Eating, Healthy Movement and Healthy Mind—deploying educational resources, digital tools, assessments, training, equipment and dedicated spaces, as well as support services. We continue to roll out policies to support HealthForce 2020 across our global organization. One example is our Global Healthy Mind Policy, which outlines the expected approaches and resources/programs required to support mental wellbeing. Further, we’ve established programs designed to raise awareness of mental wellbeing in the workplace, and provide a robust set of resources and support to employees.

A 2018 analysis of human resources data showed an association between ENERGY FOR PERFORMANCE training and positive employee performance outcomes. Additionally, ENERGY FOR PERFORMANCE course graduates gave higher scores in response to questions on “work life balance,” “Johnson & Johnson supports a healthy lifestyle” and “a great place to work” in our workplace surveys. To provide continuous learning in energy management for our employees who have completed ENERGY FOR PERFORMANCE, we introduced a new one-day training called “Reignited” to enable ENERGY FOR PERFORMANCE course graduates to discover new strategies to help them be at their best when it counts. We are encouraged with the uptake around the world by our employees seeking to reignite the power of this program.

We continue to work toward our goal of connecting 100,000 employees to our digital platform, HEALTHY & ME. In May 2018, participants, including spouses and partners, engaged in our Wander the Wonders global activity challenge. With teams of up to eight, employees set out on a 30-day virtual journey via HEALTHY & ME to explore eight new wonders of the world simply by moving. The more employees moved, the further they went on their journey around the world to new wonders and a healthier self.

0 billion steps
collectively logged during the 30-day global activity challenge. Joining together from around the world, our employees increased their movement by 22%
HEALTHY & ME digital health platform

HEALTHY & ME is available to approximately 97% of our employee population in 72 countries and in 16 languages, and to spouses and partners in 41 countries. Users of the app can track their sleep, food intake and steps. Employees can also use the app to access personalized health and fitness programs or connect with other health-minded colleagues. 

Even healthier in 2019 — new benefit for all employees

In 2018, we announced a new global employee exercise reimbursement program, available to all full- and part-time employees in 2019, following the U.S. launch in October 2018. Upon proof of use, we will provide a reimbursement of up to $400 a year to support the cost of fitness center membership fees or classes, personal training sessions, organized races and more. Employees can enjoy this benefit in addition to our on-site fitness centers, helping each of us do more of what we enjoy and stay active at our convenience. This benefit is easily accessible through HEALTHY & ME; digital access makes providing proof of usage easy with features like “checking in” at your local fitness center. 

Workplace Innovation

We maintain workspaces designed to promote healthy lifestyles, employee engagement and collaborative working. Our Workplace Innovation Program, established in 2010, helps us better design our environments to support workplace activity, create shared and “unassigned” work space for greater flexibility, offer healthy working environments, enhance employees’ working experience, and inspire an innovative and engaged work culture. Our workplaces incorporate elements that support physical and emotional health, such as on-site fitness centers, first aid rooms, outdoor activity areas, nurture and faith rooms, rooms for counseling and employee assistance, and child development centers. We also adopt green building design principles in planning or renovating our workplaces to further enhance the health, safety, wellbeing and productivity of our people.

workplace projects completed in 2018, improving workplace environments for more than 5,000 employees in more than 10 countries
workplace innovation projects completed since 2010

In Bogota, Colombia, in 2018, we took the opportunity to completely transform our office space as we consolidated our offices into one location for all our local functions. For more than 800 employees, the change offered a new level of comfort, designed to provide the optimum workplace experience aligned with the science of wellbeing. The program delivered variety and choice with natural daylight, private and quiet options, sit/stand desks, decompression massage chairs, low-impact exercise spaces and many more elements that encourage both physical and mental health. In addition to positive feedback from managers and staff, the project achieved a score of 82.3 on the Leesman® Workplace Effectiveness Index, joining several other Johnson & Johnson locations achieving a “high performing” workplace rating.

Workplace Wellness, Innovation and High Performance

We continue to increase the number of Johnson & Johnson offices that score as “high performing” in the Leesman® Workplace Effectiveness Index, a survey that assesses 21 dimensions of how our workplace supports our people. In 2018, 34 Johnson & Johnson offices achieved the “high performing” score. We correlate workplace innovation to employee performance. Since 2010, we have seen an improvement of 11.47% in employee satisfaction as a result of workplace innovation projects. 

Johnson & Johnson buildings are LEED-certified, totaling 7.9 million square feet, or 12.6% of all building space

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