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Our People

Creating Unique Career Opportunities

The opportunity to develop personally and professionally is a core aspiration both for employees who have newly joined our organization and for those who have been part of the Johnson & Johnson family for several years. We therefore deploy a global approach to ensure development is for everyone, regardless of where they are on their career journey. Our objective is to foster a learning culture that helps shape each person’s unique career path, and empower them to better contribute to achieving our business objectives while creating a robust pipeline of talent to deliver our long-term strategies.

Attracting, recruiting and retaining diverse people who are globally-minded, agile and adaptable is a way of keeping our organization healthy and innovative. A full span of talent management and professional and leadership development programs underpin our retention strategies.
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Mary Lauria, Head, Global Talent Management, Johnson & Johnson

At Johnson & Johnson, we believe development is for everyone. We maintain an integrated, enterprise-wide approach to human resources management and professional development, empowering everyone to achieve their personal best at work.

0 %
of our new roles were filled by employees who developed within the organization in 2018

Personal and Professional Development

Our development programs cover a full variety of learning methods, including on-the-job training, online courses, workshops and other experiential training. Our enterprise-wide learning management system called SUMMIT is available to employees globally. SUMMIT is an integrated portal offering self-enrollment in training programs and tracking of individual training progress and results.

0 %
of managers32 and above moved across functions, country or business segment lines, building diversity of experiences

We believe that development is key to building a healthy career and we continuously look for ways to support our employees in owning their development and growth, and in gaining access to the people and tools that will help them do so. In 2018, we launched a new global personal development platform called MyDevelopment. With MyDevelopment, employees can build a Personalized Development Framework around the three Es of Education, Exposure and Experience to create a balanced development plan to support their ongoing growth as they strive to build a healthy career.

MyDevelopment resources available to all employees

• Let’s Develop global speaker series showcases development best practices from external experts and internal thought leaders on a quarterly basis.

• Development Month initiative leverages the mid-year time point as an opportunity for our employees to self-reflect and prioritize their healthiest careers and a network of global Development Champions act at a local level to share development resources, plan local activities and inspire employees to make their development a priority all throughout the year.

• Development Month Champions across the globe ensure awareness and encourage participation in learning and development opportunities and in our “Let’s Develop” social media forum. 

Leadership Programs

$ 0 M
spent on employee learning and development

To help transform the future of health for humanity, we must have highly capable leaders across our business. To achieve this, we are transforming how we assess and develop people leaders. We believe that every employee at Johnson & Johnson is a leader, and our goal is to help employees realize this potential. Our Global Talent Management organization creates a consistent leadership development experience enterprise-wide. Our Leadership Imperatives give our employees a clear and consistent way to lead Johnson & Johnson into the future, and deliver on our mission to change the trajectory of health for humanity.

We maintain a suite of leadership and development programs to accelerate the progress of individuals who have been identified through our succession planning processes as having the potential to fulfill more senior leadership roles within the Enterprise.

Leadership and development programs

AEL (Accelerate Enterprise Leadership)
Vice presidents who aspire to more senior roles.

AEO (Accelerate Executive Orientation)
Newly promoted or externally hired vice presidents to learn about expectations for their role and their impact on the Enterprise.

TAP (Talent Acceleration Process)
Current directors preparing for vice president level. In 2018, we reached the level of 88% of directors who had participated in TAP. Representation of women in TAP has doubled since 2015.

Designed for mid-level female leaders aiming to increase their leadership impact.

Mid-level U.S.-based racially and ethnically diverse talent aiming to grow their leadership impact. This new program was launched in 2018.

IDP (International Development Program)
Mid-level leaders focused on developing core capabilities in another country.

ELD (Enterprise Leader Development)
For a broader employee population, all newly hired or promoted leaders are assigned to an ELD program. ELD consists of two interactive multi-week learning programs that establish standards of excellence for management effectiveness and leadership development. 

All of these programs were conducted in 2018, reaching hundreds of leaders around the organization. For example, vice presidents joined the Accelerated Enterprise Leadership (AEL) program program to target areas for development and growth to continue their career progression. The program is designed to help participants lead effective internal change. It includes three residential sessions, market visits, executive coaching assessments and an action learning project, completed in collaboration with other participants. In 2018, action learning projects in partnership with Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS focused on new business models and use of machine learning to solve pressing health and other challenges.

The learnings they acquired and networks they built through the AEL program have enabled participants to introduce new innovations and improvements in the business. Their mindsets shift to lean in, take risks, and own accountability to drive and lead innovation and transformation. The impact is exponential.
Erica Desrosiers Johnson & Johnson.jpeg
Erica Desrosiers, Head, Accelerated Development, Johnson & Johnson
new leaders took our ELD Program in 2018, bringing the total number of leaders trained to date to 4,459

In 2018, in response to results from our People Leader Effectiveness survey, we delivered critical new learning content and resources through our on-demand, digital platform, Leadership Navigator, to raise the performance and skill level of our people leaders around the globe. Leadership Navigator allows for a personalized learning journey with an on-demand library of tools, supporting people leaders at the moments that matter—whenever and wherever they need it. And, the Navigator now contains resources in 10 languages.

Performance Management

Performance Development
We believe performance management should be an ongoing process.

Employee performance at Johnson & Johnson is measured in two dimensions, the “what” and the “how.” Our Leadership Imperatives set the performance behavioral expectations for all employees—the "how." The Leadership Imperatives give our employees across all geographies, businesses, roles and levels a clear and consistent way to lead the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies into the future.

All our employees formally discuss their progress and plan their professional development with their managers five times each year, in our Five Conversations framework, which is in addition to informal, ongoing discussions throughout the balance of the year. This ensures that personal development is progressed effectively and benefits from meaningful support throughout the year.

Overall performance in year-end conversations include assessing business results achieved, the degree to which our leadership behaviors were demonstrated, and further development options. Manager bonuses are linked to leadership performance as well as business results.

U.S. and Puerto Rico employees participated in the tuition reimbursement program
0 %
of employees globally completed year-end performance reviews in 2018

Our Performance

Year-End Performance Reviews Completed by Job Category

  2018  2017  2016 
Vice President 1% 1% not reported
Manager & Director 28% 28% not reported
Professional 62% 61% not reported
Other* 9% 10% not reported
Overall for all employees 89% 88% 81%
* Category includes employees that don’t have a merit plan as part of their compensation package.

Spend on Employee Learning and Development by Category (millions)

Other professional skills $47
General leadership training & assessments $22
E-learning $7
Executive coaching $6
Other $8
Total $90

Employee Turnover

Overall voluntary turnover 7.8%
Voluntary turnover of high performers 3.9%

32 Represents the proportion of employees in Manager and above job categories who in their career progression movement (including upward
promotion, downward demotion, or lateral transfer) crossed function, country or business segment lines.

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