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Our People

Engaging, Empowering & Inspiring

At Johnson & Johnson, we understand the workforce of the future will need an innovative mindset, the ability to think through a global lens, and a diverse set of experiences and skill sets. We believe in inspiring our employees to aim high and dream big, and encourage them to play an active role in helping change the trajectory of health for humanity. We engage, empower and inspire our employees by fostering a work culture where everyone can make their voice heard by providing platforms for employees to express their creativity, and through opportunities for employees to make a meaningful contribution to address social or environmental challenges.

At Johnson & Johnson we have two core value propositions for our employees that help engage and inspire them. The first is Our Credo, which is deeply embedded in our culture as a set of positive social values, and the second is our purpose to change the trajectory of health for humanity. We add what employees need to feel empowered: tools to do the job, supportive leadership, professional development and more.
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Paul Anthony, Head, Global Total Rewards and Human Capital Strategy, Johnson & Johnson

Fostering a Connected Culture

Our organization-wide communication processes include town hall-style meetings at global, local or functional level, and sharing of news through many channels, including our One J&J news hub digital daily digests and electronic communications from senior leaders.

In addition to multiple two-way communication channels with our employees at all levels of the business, we conduct global surveys that enable our employees to speak out about any aspect of their work and relationships at Johnson & Johnson, providing us with valuable insight to help address potential human resources risks and identify opportunities to improve.

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In 2018, Johnson & Johnson marked the 75th anniversary of Our Credo, the set of values that ground and guide the decision making of our leaders and employees around the world, by taking the opportunity to reengage employees in a meaningful way around Our Credo. Through a sustained six-month program, employees were challenged to expand their understanding of our commitments, reflect and engage in open conversations about opportunities to better live Our Credo, and take ownership of their responsibility through daily actions. The Executive Committee led in-depth conversations on each paragraph, discussing with employees how we are living our values, where we can show up stronger for those we serve, and how we can continue to improve human health for generations to come. At the first annual Credo Day celebration on December 13, more than 30,000 employees around the world participated in a Global Town Hall, attended unique celebrations, and joined outreach efforts to bring the spirit of Our Credo to their local communities.

Creative Engagement

Since 2011, we maintain our Office of Creative Engagement (OCE) as a platform for empowering our employees to develop themselves and their ideas. OCE encourages employees to think outside the realm of day-to-day operations to develop and advance innovative concepts. To facilitate engagement across our global enterprise, the OCE provides frameworks, tools and support for employees wishing to get creative and drive higher levels of engagement.

One of the most popular tools that OCE offers is TEDxJNJ. Anyone can propose a TEDxJNJ event and, once the event is accepted by OCE, can engage a group of colleagues to go about planning, preparing and bringing the agenda to life. The speakers at TEDxJNJ events are Johnson & Johnson employees who have a personal or professional story to tell that can be a source of inspiration for others, with an occasional external speaker taking part in some events. The TEDxJNJ audience is made up of Johnson & Johnson employees. TEDxJNJ has become a safe place to listen, learn, reflect, share, inspire and engage, and a platform for unleashing creativity among the best minds in our Company. Many senior leaders at Johnson & Johnson speak at, attend or sponsor TEDxJNJ events. Our library of TEDxJNJ video talks is a permanent record of many inspiring stories and is available to all employees on our online portal.

I found that TEDxJNJ gave me a new lease on life and helped me face my fears of speaking about such a hard topic. I have been on a personal mission to fight modern slavery – both in terms of eliminating human trafficking and in terms of making changes in our consumeristic behaviors that create the conditions for modern slavery to thrive. We should all be aware of the changes we can and must make to prevent exploitation – we are one humanity. Since being invited to talk at TEDxJNJ, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of interest and support I have received, including invitations to speak at other events. Overall, I have reached more than 2,300 people with my talks on this subject. TEDxJNJ was my first platform and it gave me courage and a new freedom to continue to pursue my passion to create lasting change.
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Elisa Torres, Marketing Manager, Ethicon Biosurgery

Engaging Employees in Communities

Firmly behind our purpose of changing the trajectory of health for humanity, our employees are proud to engage in our communities around the world and offer practical assistance to help make a positive difference in healthcare everywhere. Our various policies and offerings around the globe seek to encourage volunteerism in all regions and at all levels by providing Johnson & Johnson employees a range of opportunities in which they can actively contribute and participate. For example, we support skill-based volunteering in the community with a policy of providing paid leave to cover the volunteer period; this is currently being offered to employees in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Talent for Good – Connecting employee purpose to company purpose

At the higher end of the scale, for employees who are prepared to take on and experience an immersive, transformative skills-based opportunity, we offer Global Pro Bono programs and Johnson & Johnson Secondments.

The Global Pro Bono program that piloted in 2017 expanded to 21 participants in 2018, who shared their skills to help seven nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Chile, Colombia and Puerto Rico run more efficiently, overcome unique hurdles and better reach their goals. As part of the program in Chile, Johnson & Johnson employees partnered with IBM to leverage their core capabilities in IT and healthcare to support three organizations focused on strengthening community resilience and disaster preparedness in the capital city of Santiago. We also introduced a remote pro bono program in 2018, Talent for Healthy Community, connecting the unique talents and expertise of our employees with local community partners to address their critical capacity building needs.

The Johnson & Johnson Secondment Program, now in its sixth year, offers Johnson & Johnson employees the opportunity to share their skills, experiences and talent with eight NGO partner organizations across 25 countries in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region serving in long-term assignments (up to six months). All Secondees receive one-on-one coaching from Johnson & Johnson retirees and mentoring guidance from program alumni before, during and after their Secondment.

Building young leadership capacity across the globe

The Johnson & Johnson One Young World Program builds the capacity of young leaders across the globe to change the trajectory of health for humanity. Since 2013, Johnson & Johnson has partnered with One Young World (OYW) to connect hundreds of young change makers from both within and outside our Company with unique opportunities to formulate innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing health issues. For young health leaders outside the Company, the global partnership includes scholarships and professional coaching from Johnson & Johnson executives, in addition to mentorship for participating Johnson & Johnson employees to act on their passion for a healthier world within the Company. In 2018, Johnson & Johnson sent its largest delegation to date to the OYW Summit in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Advancing women in science

Building a diverse STEM2D (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Manufacturing and Design) community supports the acceleration of women as global leaders of innovation to improve health and wellbeing, and drive sustainable economic growth. Johnson & Johnson launched the WiSTEM2D (Women in STEM2D) program in 2015 to increase the representation of women in science and technical fields. Many Johnson & Johnson employees volunteer to review applications for the award, in support of this program. In 2018, we announced an inaugural group of recipients of the WiSTEM2D Scholars Award. Each received $150,000 in funding and three years of mentorship from Johnson & Johnson leaders and members of the Awards’ Advisory Board, which includes Board of Director member Mary Beckerle, Ph.D.

employees across the globe spent 8,332 volunteer hours to support STEM2D, in 2018

WiSTEM2D volunteers
Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D volunteers at Stuart School in New Jersey, where Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. R&D female leaders hosted workshops and demonstrated virtual reality tools for surgeon training to engage girls in science.

Creating our healthcare professionals of the future with a Bridge to Employment

For 25 years, Johnson & Johnson employees have been helping prepare high school students from disadvantaged communities to stay in school, enroll in higher education and pursue a career in the health sector. Launched in 1992, our Bridge to Employment initiative in partnership with non-profit FHI360, has helped young people improve school attendance, enhance academic achievements, and gain awareness of higher education and career possibilities in healthcare.

employees across the globe spent 10,034 volunteer hours to support Bridge to Employment, in 2018

Bridge to Employment
Students from the Bridge to Employment program play interactive team building exercises. Photo credit: Jessica Scranton

Engaging Employees for the Environment

At Johnson & Johnson, we understand that human health is inextricably linked to environmental health—you can’t have healthy people without a healthy planet. Our environmental sustainability engagement program, We Sustain, mobilizes our employees to share ideas and collaborate to improve the environmental health of the places where we live, work and sell our products. Over 1,000 employees from across the globe have joined We Sustain; they network with like-minded individuals, working to protect the environment and human health. Employees can volunteer in the community, deliver engagement activities, and submit and share ideas through the We Sustain website and our Global Sustainability community engagement platform.

Employees are encouraged to share their sustainability ideas during the Johnson & Johnson We Sustain Sustainability Accelerator Grants challenge. Employees who submit sustainability ideas with the potential to be replicated and scaled throughout the organization receive funding of between $5,000 and $50,000 to build out their ideas.

We Sustain 2018 Facts

entries from teams across all geographies and businesses
project finalists
A selection of the winning We Sustain entries

• Diversion of wastewater to off-site beneficial reuse as chemical feedstock to reduce hazardous waste to landfill by more than 1 million lbs. annually

• Regrinding and reusing machine tools to avoid waste

• Developing automatic cycles for injection molding machines to reduce energy use

• Installing new equipment to separate waste and reduce volume of space it requires for storage by 90%

• Reusing waste that is normally discarded, such as shampoo residue to car washing products 

Being part of the We Sustain Network, and winning a Sustainability Accelerator Grant, helped me to propagate my idea for greener research labs until it grew into something way bigger than I imagined. The group helped me to build my network within Johnson & Johnson and outside of Johnson & Johnson, from the U.S., to Europe, and even to China.
Afton Hiscox Janssen.jpeg
Afton Hiscox, Associate Scientist II, Discovery Chemistry, Janssen Research & Development, LLC

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