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Values, principles, standards, and norms of behavior

In 2018, Johnson & Johnson marked the 75th anniversary of Our Credo, the set of values that ground and guide the decision making of our employees around the world. In addition to celebrating the enduring power of this document, for the first time in more than three decades, we updated Our Credo to ensure it remains both timeless and timely.

These enhancements were informed and shaped by the feedback of our employees around the world. Employees were challenged to expand their understanding of our commitments, reflect and have open conversations about opportunities to better live Our Credo, and take ownership of each responsibility through daily actions. The Executive Committee led in-depth conversations on each paragraph, discussing with employees how we are living our values, where we can show up stronger for those we serve, and how we can continue to improve human health for generations to come. These conversations were then replicated by teams across the Enterprise to inspire individual accountability and commitment.

Credo Day 75 Johnson & Johnson.jpg
Johnson & Johnson employees in Asia-Pacific region celebrating the global Credo Day.

At the core, these changes reflect Johnson & Johnson's commitment to all of humanity, and push thinking beyond the traditional definition of health to provide people with solutions and experiences that improve their whole life. We brought patients to the front of the list of stakeholders in the first paragraph of Our Credo as we know they are waiting for our life-saving and life-enhancing products and solutions. We added inclusion, fulfillment and purpose to the second paragraph of Our Credo as not only are diversity and inclusion the way we've done business for more than 130 years, but we know that it's not enough to have a diverse workforce in order to be successful. We need to create an environment where people are supported and empowered to bring forward their unique backgrounds, driving innovation in service of our shared purpose to change the trajectory of health for humanity. These and other enhancements reflect the Company's responsibility to ensure it remains just as forward-thinking as the day it was introduced.

On December 13, 2018, the Company held its first annual Credo Day celebration, commemorating 75 years from the date that General Johnson first presented Our Credo to the Board of Directors in 1943. More than 30,000 employees in locations around the world participated in a Global Town Hall, attended unique celebrations, and joined outreach efforts to bring the spirit of the Credo to their local communities.

Our Credo is more than words—it is a set of promises to which every individual, team and company across our business are actively dedicated everyday. Most importantly, these enhancements ensure Our Credo positions us to continue to place the needs of those we serve at the forefront of everything we do.

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