2019 Health for Humanity Report
Two women and a man talking at a table in front o a laptop
Two women and a man talking at a table in front o a laptop

Employees from Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson working together toward shared goals, because collaboration is in our DNA and that is how our top breakthroughs happen.

Responsible Business Practices
Responsible Business Practices Empowering People
  • 401-2
    Benefits provided to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employees
  • 401-3
    Parental leave
  • 404
    Training and Education 2016
  • 404-2
    Programs for upgrading employee skills and transition assistance programs
  • 404-3
    Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews
  • HC-BP-330a.1
    Discussion of talent recruitment and retention efforts for scientists and research and development personnel
  • HC-BP-330a.2
    (1) Voluntary and (2) involuntary turnover rate for: (a) executives/senior managers, (b) midlevel managers, (c) professionals, and (d) all others

Attracting & Developing Our People

As a company with an inspiring purpose, ethical approach and global reach, we offer current and potential employees diverse opportunities to develop personally and professionally. Our approach to attracting, recruiting and retaining a global, diverse team of employees is rooted in partnerships with professional organizations and top universities, and in relationships with graduate students. Across the world, our executives teach courses and engage with the next generation of healthcare leaders at universities and college campuses. We also tailor our approach with specific strategies to meet the varying needs of our different business segments. We augment these recruitment efforts by leveraging cutting-edge digital platforms, social media and online engagements.

Employee recruitment

Our recruitment activities in 2019 include:

  • Strengthened our talent acquisition capabilities in those markets where we launched our new ways of working, reducing time to fill new roles by 10% and improving the candidate experience with a high satisfaction score for our recruitment process;
  • Expanded Re-Ignite, our paid returnship program for experienced technical professionals, deepening our recruitment performance in critical capability areas;
  • Encouraged employee referrals, which continue to be a top source of new recruits, leading to 4,639 new hires, representing 15.8% of our recruiting efforts; and
  • Localized our internal online recruitment tool, hire.jnj.com, to provide end-to-end guidance in 12 languages, access to resources and tools, process transparency and speed to hire the best candidates in 25 countries.

Helping the best come back to Johnson & Johnson: In 2019, we introduced Re-Ignite, our paid four-month returnship program for experienced professionals who have taken a break of two years or more from a STEM2D career. The program includes in-depth onboarding, mentoring support, technical training and alumni guidance during the returnship period. Through the Re-Ignite program, we are able to tap into a new talent pool of experienced, highly engaged, technical leaders who appreciate our efforts to foster a supportive, inclusive environment that highly covets technical and professional skills. In 2019, all individuals completing the program moved into full-time positions at Johnson & Johnson.

  • 21,948
    positions filled in 2019 across the Company, including those in our most critical growth areas of external innovation, oncology, immunology, market access and data science.
  • 43%
    of Managers and above moved across functions, country or business segment lines.14
  • $98 million
    spent with vendor partners to ensure our leaders and employees receive the essential leadership and functional training to grow and develop.

Employee development

To continue to lead in the changing healthcare landscape, our employees must be equipped with the right knowledge and skills, and motivated by the prospects of new challenges or career development opportunities. Investing in professional development with a clear process for performance management enables us to deliver opportunities for all while contributing to enhancing the professional skill base of local economies in the regions in which we operate. See our Position on Employee Development.

Our employee development activities in 2019 include the following:

  • Engaged 313 employees in accelerated leadership development programs for high-potential and diverse talent.
  • Supported nearly 7,000 people leaders in leadership development, resulting in participants feeling more equipped to perform their role.
  • Invested in new technology in China to pilot a Talent Marketplace, a platform leveraging a gig-economy mindset, which allows employees to elect to work on short-term projects based on their interest areas, skills and personal purpose. Since the launch to employees in China, nearly 50 projects have been initiated that incorporated cutting-edge areas, such as big data, artificial intelligence and new retail.
  • Launched the Data Science Academy, as well as digital skills training, to support employees in building digital acumen and a better understanding of technology in key areas that include data science, automation and digital experience.

Leadership Programs: To help transform the future of health for humanity, we must have highly capable leaders across our business. To achieve this, we are transforming how we assess and develop people leaders. We maintain a suite of leadership and development programs to accelerate the process of individuals who have been identified through our succession planning process as having the potential to fulfill more senior leadership roles within the Enterprise.

Triangle showing J&J's leadership and development programs
Triangle showing J&J's leadership and development programs

Developing R&D leaders: In 2019, Johnson & Johnson Innovation introduced the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Champions program, a new professional growth opportunity available to R&D scientists across the organization. Designed to provide our R&D scientists with an enrichment experience through exposure to external innovation, the program also helps leverage their expertise to accelerate scientific and medical advances. The program runs in cohorts over a six-month period, offering the opportunity for each group to gain additional skills and knowledge, and to build a network while remaining in role. The Champions program augments our existing EXPAND platform, which offers scientists the possibility of a six-month secondment to an external innovation organization, such as a startup or venture capital fund, to both learn and contribute in a completely different environment.

  • 3,537
    new leaders participated in our Enterprise Leader Development Program in 2019, bringing the total number of leaders trained to 7,996.
  • 89%
    of employees globally completed year-end performance reviews in 2019.
  • 1,262
    of U.S. and Puerto Rico employees participated in the tuition reimbursement program.

Our Performance

Year-End Performance Reviews Completed by Job Category




Vice President 76% 72% 73%
Manager and Director 90% 90% 89%
Professional 90% 89% 88%
Other* 82% 86% 90%
Overall for all employees 89% 89% 88%

Spend on Employee Learning and Development by Category (millions)



Other professional skills $52 $47
General leadership training and assessments $17 $22
E-learning $5 $7
Executive coaching $10 $6
Other $14 $8
Total $98 $90

Employee Turnover



Overall voluntary turnover 8% 8%
Voluntary turnover of high performers 4% 4%
* Category includes employees who don’t have a merit plan as part of their compensation package.
See PwC's Report of Independent Accountants

Employee compensation & benefits

We are committed to compensating our employees fairly and offering benefits that meet the changing needs of today’s employees and their families. Through our compensation framework, a set of core principles that guide all compensation decisions, we recognize the important contribution of our employees to delivering our mission in ways that align with our values. We observe legal minimum wage provisions and aim to exceed these where possible. We are committed to pay equity, including gender and racial/ethnic group pay equity. From time to time, we analyze our pay across functions and levels, and strive to eliminate unconscious bias or other barriers to full pay equity across the Enterprise. Our benefits packages aim to improve the quality of life for employees by providing practical support for family, health and wellbeing, education and long- term financial management needs.

Activities in 2019 to enhance employee benefits include:

  • Deployed an enhanced Employee Assistance Program globally to more than 118,000 employees and family members in 72 countries and 23 languages;
  • Introduced a flexible benefits plan to employees in China, granting employees there more choice in how to allocate their retirement savings;
  • Offered an extra week of paid leave for new hires and employees in the United States with one to two years of service; and
  • Introduced Custom Target Date Funds, providing nine new and personalized investment options in the Johnson & Johnson Savings Plan (for U.S. employees).

These benefits add to an existing holistic range of benefits—starting with health and wellbeing and extending to retirement planning and finances—that are available to our employees around the world.

See also our Position on Employee Compensation and Benefits.

Our Performance

U.S. Employee Benefits




U.S. employees who took parental leave, by gender
Women 47% 44% 41%
Men 53% 56% 59%
U.S. employees who returned to work after parental leave ended, by gender
Women 98% 98% 98%
Men 100% 100% 99%

14 Represents the proportion of employees in Manager and above job categories who in their career progression movement (including upward promotion, downward demotion, or lateral transfer) crossed function, country or business segment lines.

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