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Employee Attraction & Development

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In 2020, we continued to expand our organization with hiring around the world to meet the demands of our growing business, placing focus on diverse talent that reflects the communities we serve.

In 2020, we hired 13,594 new colleagues across the Enterprise, of whom 52.5% were women.

Attracting employees back to a meaningful career: In 2020, we expanded our paid four-month returnship program, Re-Ignite, to India, where the focus is on professionals who are ready to get back to their STEM careers after a break, such as a break to manage family care responsibilities. After we reviewed more than 100 applicants, six talented individuals joined the Re-Ignite program in India after successfully completing a detailed evaluation process, including career discussions to understand how Re-Ignite can help them achieve their professional aspirations. The program includes onboarding, mentoring, technical training and alumni guidance during the returnship period and offers a nurturing, inclusive environment for returning employees to rebuild a meaningful career. For more information, see our Re-Ignite videos.

Promoting employee development: The opportunity to develop personally and professionally is a core aspiration both for employees who have newly joined our organization and for those who have been with Johnson & Johnson for years. We maintain a suite of leadership and other professional development programs that engage employees in improving their skills and competencies in line with career and personal growth objectives. For details of these programs, see our Position on Employee Development. In 2020, in the context of restrictions on on-site presence, we pivoted our entire portfolio of accelerated leadership development programs to a virtual format.


  • Hundreds of high potential colleagues participated in eight cohorts of our ASCEND, TAP and RISE leadership programs.
  • Thousands of leaders completed First Line Leader and Leaders Developing Leaders programs across more than 140 individual courses.
  • We launched Leading People at J&J, a new six-month development program for first-time line leaders with participation from employees across all functions and business segments.
  • Hundreds of individuals continued to benefit through our Executive Committee Sponsorship program.
new leaders participated in our Enterprise Leader Development Program in 2020, bringing the total number of leaders trained to date to 11,202.
of Managers and above moved across functions, country or business segment lines, building diversity of experiences.*
employees in the U.S. and Puerto Rico participated in the tuition reimbursement program.

See PwC's Report of Independent Accountants.
* Career progression movement includes upward promotion, lateral transfer and excludes employees in the research and development organizations.

Alongside leadership development, we provide opportunities for employees to acquire new skills across a broad range of professional functions and skill areas. For example, in 2020:

  • Tens of thousands of employees in more than 70 countries completed programs offered through our LinkedIn Learning platform, accessible in different languages.
  • We continued promoting the development of capabilities in data science and digital literacy through our Digital Learning Academy, including a three-day Women in Data Science Summit. Hear the story of Sarah Asio, Data Science Lead, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices.
In 2020, 93% of employees completed year-end performance reviews.

Employee compensation and benefits: Our compensation framework includes a set of core principles that guide all compensation decisions, recognizing the important contributions of our employees to deliver our mission in ways that align with our values. We are committed to pay equity, including gender and ethnic/racial group pay equity. From time to time, we analyze our pay across functions and levels, and strive to eliminate unconscious bias or other barriers to full pay equity across the Enterprise. In 2020, we completed a living wage assessment to ensure pay is not only equitable and market competitive, but also more than sufficient to provide the means for our employees and their families to attain a sustainable standard of living. For more details, see the section on Human Rights. In addition to salary and wages, our benefits packages aim to improve the quality of life for employees by providing practical support for family, health and well-being, education and long-term financial management needs. We continuously review and update the range of benefits we offer in line with new needs as they arise, employee feedback and changes in market practices. See also our Position on Employee Compensation and Benefits.

Year-End Performance Reviews Completed by Job Category 

Year-End Performance Reviews Completed by Job Category 

2020 2019 2018
Vice President 83% 76% 72%
Manager and Director 93% 90% 90%
Professional 93% 90% 89%
Other* 88% 82% 86%
Overall for all employees 93% 89% 89%
* Category includes employees who don’t have a merit plan as part of their compensation package.

Spend on Employee Learning and Development by Category (millions) 

Spend on Employee Learning and Development by Category (millions) 

2020 2019 2018
Other professional skills $56 $52 $47
General leadership training & assessments $12 $17 $22
E-learning $4 $5 $7
Executive coaching $5 $10 $6
Other $31 $14 $8
Total $108 $98 $90

Employee Turnover 

Employee Turnover

2020 2019 2018
Overall voluntary turnover 5% 8%+
Voluntary turnover of high performers 3% 4%+ 4%
‡ See PwC's Report of Independent Accountants.
+ See PwC's Report of Independent Accountants in 2019 Health for Humanity Report.

U.S. Employee Benefits 

U.S. Employee Benefits 

2020 2019 2018
U.S. employees who took parental leave, by gender
Women 45% 47% 44%
Men 55% 53% 56%
U.S. employees who returned to work after
parental leave ended, by gender
Women 97% 98% 98%
Men 97% 100% 100%

Employee with family outside (1).jpg
A Johnson & Johnson employee spends time outside with his family.

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