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Across our Enterprise, we encourage employees to take an active role in advancing Our Purpose to change the trajectory of health for all. We provide platforms, tools and resources to help everyone contribute at their best. Similarly, we foster an inclusive culture that embraces creativity combined with care for others, our communities and our planet.

One of the platforms we use to track employee sentiment and feeling of being connected to our colleagues and our values is our biennial Our Credo Survey which, in 2020, was administered in 78 countries and made available in 36 languages. In a year of unprecedented change, the survey resulted in an all-time high for both participation rate and favorability.

2020 Our Credo Survey high-level results
  • 93% participation rate, a 3% increase compared to 2018 (among all eligible employees).
  • 89% favorability rate, which reflects how we are fulfilling Our Credo commitments to employees, a 4% increase compared to 2018 on like-to-like questions.
  • 94% agreed with the statement: Ensures our first responsibility is to the patients, doctors and nurses, mothers and fathers, and all others who use our products and services.
  • 87% agreed with the statement: Provides an inclusive work environment where each employee is considered as an individual.
  • 94% agreed with the statement: Acts responsibly to the communities in which we live and work and the world community as well.

Following an analysis of the detailed results, which were communicated to all employees, we developed plans to address the main areas of opportunity identified by our employees’ feedback, both at the Enterprise level and within individual teams.

In alternate years, we issue a global Our Voice Survey, which serves as an indicator of employee satisfaction, and measures important aspects of our culture such as employee engagement, inclusion, development, health and wellness, collaboration, execution, innovation, and compliance and risk.

Inspiring recognition: In 2019, we introduced our employee recognition program, Inspire, which reaches at least 90% of our global workforce in more than 70 countries. During 2020, the program continued to live up to its name by inspiring hundreds of thousands of recognition moments that celebrate meaningful contributions and purpose-led behaviors.

Women in STEM: In our new Health for Humanity 2025 Goals, we further encourage our employees to play an active role in engaging with our nonprofit partners to expose more girls to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, manufacturing and design (STEM2D) activities, in the knowledge that advancing gender equality in technical professions will not only strengthen society, it will also build a stronger pipeline of diverse talent in these under-resourced professions.

2025 Goals

For full details of this Goal and KPI, see our Health for Humanity 2025 Goals.
Women in STEM2D
By 2025, engage two million girls in STEM2D activities.
For full details of this Goal and KPI, see our Health for Humanity 2025 Goals.
For full details of this Goal and KPI, see our Health for Humanity 2025 Goals.

Our WiSTEM2D initiative (Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing and Design) has been active since 2015, and each year since 2017, we have selected female STEM2D tenure-track professors who are making key STEM2D discoveries and shaping the future of tomorrow, as part of our ongoing WiSTEM2D Scholars Award Program. Each awardee receives a grant of $150,000 and three years of mentorship. In 2020, six female scholars were selected from more than 540 highly qualified nominees from around the world. Their work is an inspiration to us all and represents pivotal global innovations across diverse fields of interest for better healthcare outcomes.

Innovative research areas of Johnson & Johnson’s WiSTEM2D 2020 Scholars
  • Science: how pre-planet chemistry and physics affect a future planet's ability to support life
  • Technology: machine learning to address critical clinical problems in brain tumors
  • Engineering: microbiology that can help treat inflammatory bowel disease
  • Manufacturing: soft, foldable robots that can be used in healthcare procedures
  • Mathematics: statistics, causal-inference and agent-based modeling to make clinical analyses more robust and free of bias
  • Design: hospital lighting design to help improve health outcomes and energy efficiency

Meet our 2020 WiSTEM2D Scholars Awardees in this video. Read more about our WiSTEM2D program here.

Engaging employees for healthy communities: We inspire our employees to be a part of creating healthy communities through our Talent for Good Strategy, led by our Global Community Impact organization. Talent for Good offers a wide range of engagement opportunities for employees around the globe, inviting each to take part at their preferred level of participation in a focus area of their interest. Programs include blood drives, donations to help support frontline health workers and skill-based volunteering opportunities via short-term programs or secondments with nonprofit partner organizations. For more information, see our Position on Community Impact.


Strategic Talent for Good programs:

  • Bridge to Employment: engages employees as mentors to help young people improve performance and learn about different career opportunities. The extension progam, Pathways to Success, provides internships at Johnson & Johnson.
  • WiSTEM2D: engages Johnson & Johnson employees globally to inspire young girls and women to enter STEM2D fields. See section Women in STEM.
  • Secondment programs: assigns employees to NGO partners for secondments of up to six months and senior leaders engaging for four to six months in strategic and advisory roles.
  • Global Pro Bono: pairs teams of employees with NGO partners working on the front lines of health for capacity building over a four-week period (12-week virtually in 2020).
  • Talent for Healthy Communities: connects employees with local community partners in a remote pro bono program to address critical capacity-building needs.
  • Vital Voices Global Partnership: engages colleagues in helping scale and accelerate the impact of women leaders at the forefront of change and global progress.
  • One Young World: convenes the brightest young talent working to accelerate social impact around the world with support from Johnson & Johnson employees who guide and mentor participants.

Additionally, several signature partnerships provide opportunities for employee engagement. See the section Our Giving & Partnerships.

During 2020, most of our Talent for Good programs converted to virtual platforms to enable participation. For example:

  • Bridge to Employment continued to serve students through college preparation provided by university partners and thousands of hours of mentoring by Johnson & Johnson colleagues. Pathways to Success provided virtual internships for college seniors. 
  • Hundreds of employees took part in skills-based pro bono programs serving 81 NGOs across Talent for Good platforms. 
  • Thousands of Johnson & Johnson employee volunteers and nonprofit partners engaged more than 300,000 girls with STEM2D education through our WiSTEM2D Youth Pillar. Activities included a live Facebook series featuring Johnson & Johnson volunteers supporting STEM2D activities at home, distribution of educational kits and virtual summer camps. 
  • We launched the VV100 ScopeAthon program, to continue to support women leaders at the forefront of change and global progress. The program pairs Johnson & Johnson with VV100 leaders in four-hour, virtual consulting sessions to help address organizational challenges.   
  • Where virtual platforms were not possible, certain activities were temporarily postponed, for example, our One Young World program, which we expect to continue in 2021.

Engaging employees for a healthy planet: We Sustain, our environmental sustainability employee engagement program, mobilizes passionate employees to improve the environmental health of the places where we live, work and sell our products. In 2020, 67 We Sustain teams across the globe engaged their colleagues to protect the environment and human health through education, idea sharing and community volunteerism in environmental programs. Additionally, during our annual Environmental Month, we asked employees to take personal action to reduce their carbon footprint (Pause on Carbon) through reducing food waste, eating more plants and being energy smart. Through this online campaign, employees recorded tens of thousands of personal actions, which signals strong awareness and motivation by employees to be active stewards of the planet and connect to our environmental health strategy.

20210331-Environment Protection-Suzhou.jpg
Employees and their families gathered at the Johnson & Johnson Suzhou site’s cleanup campaign to support environmental sustainability.

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