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Our Innovative Medicine and MedTech products reach patients worldwide, and we have a responsibility, guided by Our Credo, to ensure that “everything we do must be of high quality.” Patient safety and product quality have been, and will always remain, our first priority.

Quality management

Our commitment to quality, safety and reliability is the foundation of everything we do. As a two-segment company, we continue our longstanding commitment to high quality. We incorporate innovation and technology into our strategy to unlock value and growth while always protecting our strong foundation.

Led by our Chief Quality Officer, our functionally independent Quality & Compliance organization implements quality processes and procedures designed to ensure that our products meet our quality standards, which meet or exceed industry requirements. Our Chief Quality Officer provides regular updates to the Regulatory Compliance & Sustainability Committee of the Board of Directors and meets privately with the Committee.

Our Quality Policies and Quality Standards cover the lifecycle of our products from R&D to patient experience, providing a common foundation of quality expectations and helping ensure a reliable supply of high-quality products in the markets we serve. We continue to assess and enhance our internal policies and standards to keep pace with the changing regulatory demands for our diverse portfolio of products. In 2023, we enhanced proactive compliance and risk management programs, strengthening our base quality measures, resulting in a continuing downward trend in annual quality issues raised in our markets.

In 2023, 99.75% of regulatory inspections at J&J sites by worldwide health authorities did not result in a regulatory classification.

We are focused on the future of healthcare, harnessing technology to create end-to-end patient and customer experiences, enabled by a fully connected and integrated digital ecosystem. In an increasingly connected and personalized world, digitization helps unlock speed and improve accuracy. Our Quality & Compliance organization has adopted a strategy to further embed its digital infrastructure to drive continuous improvements in product quality and customer experience. Central to our strategy is the use of accessible and interconnected data throughout the Quality & Compliance organization, allowing for product quality insights that can be designed directly into our new products.

We have also been developing Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) solutions to advance our quality processes, including reimagining data and document management and evaluating the use of Gen AI to streamline processes. In 2023, digital data integration enabled us to drive improvements in Automated Product Release, improving inventory management and on-time product delivery for our patients and customers.

We continue to invest in our teams with extensive technical and leadership training, ensuring they have opportunities to grow, develop and achieve their career aspirations through our Quality & Compliance modules in our J&J Learn training platform. Our 2023 Quality Month, which ran under the theme of “Quality of the Future,” was supported by weekly communications and events that encouraged our global sites to focus on critical Quality & Compliance initiatives.