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Employee health, safety & well-being

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    Promotion of worker health

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    Work-related injuries

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    Work-related ill health

We know that our success is only possible when our employees are supported to bring their whole selves to work every day. We encourage employees to prioritize total health because we know it lies at the heart of their personal and professional success.

We aim to ensure that all our employees around the world, as well as temporary contractors and visitors to our sites, can work safely. Our workplace health and safety programs include adherence to our robust global safety standards, risk assessments, extensive training and communications. Our approach is enabled by a robust portfolio of benefits and resources to meet the wide-ranging and individual needs of our diverse workforce. We continuously evaluate our health and well-being benefits throughout J&J globally, incorporating new thinking and technologies to help employees achieve their personal mind and body health goals.

Assuring workplace safety culture and practice

J&J applies a global, integrated Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) approach to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our sites worldwide. Actions to improve safe working practices and safety risk management in 2023 included:

Total recordable injury rate

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  • Initiating a Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) approach to safety management. HOP is a methodology for understanding how people interact with their work environment, including processes and procedures, to identify and mitigate potential opportunities for human error that could lead to safety risks. In 2023, HOP was introduced in 15 J&J locations across EMEA, the U.S. and APAC.
  • Launching ePermit to Work (ePtW), a digitized solution to manage and ensure safe control of potential high-risk work activities. At J&J, high-risk work activities, which could include height, confined space entry or electrical work, are subject to comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential hazards and ensure appropriate controls are in place. Our ePtW software includes applications such as permit requesting, workflow approval, and risk assessment and tracking to enhance workplace safety, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce paperwork and improve communication. Our aim with ePtW software is to support the safety of our workforce while also increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

91% of responding employees agreed with the statement: “J&J maintains working conditions that are clean, orderly and safe” in the 2023 Our Credo survey.

Promoting health and well-being

J&J empowers our employees to care for their total health and well-being—physical, mental, emotional and financial–and we are continuously examining and improving our offerings to provide the right choice of resources to meet employee needs and provide support in the moments that matter. We provide many opportunities for learning and education related to health and well-being. In 2023, nearly 15,000 employees completed well-being learning courses, reinforcing wellbeing as a core, fundamental skillset among our workforce.

88% of responding employees agreed with the statement: “J&J supports the health and well-being of employees” in the 2023 Our Credo survey.

In 2023, we launched the J&J and YOU framework and the My Benefits and Well-Being internal portal, which integrates all our benefits and rewards in a single platform. This has made it easier for employees and people leaders to learn about well-being programs and benefits. As part of the J&J and YOU framework, we introduced enhancements to benefits and advanced opportunities for employees to participate in well-being programs. These included:

New and enhanced global paid leave benefits:

  • Caregiver Leave: 10 days annually to care for an immediate family member with critical illness or injury;
  • Bereavement Leave: 30 days annually to heal from the loss of an immediate family member and 5 days for other family members;
  • Volunteer Leave: 4 days per calendar year to give your time to volunteer in the community with a qualifying organization or event.

Additional services and resources to support mental health:

  • enhanced the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and CARE Services (Confidential, Accessible, Responsive and Engaged) by adding digitally enabled, personalized access with new resources for U.S. employees including support from a Care Navigator, and up to six no-cost coaching and therapy sessions;
  • coordinated a week of activities in support of World Mental Health Day that focused on continuing to reduce the stigma around mental health, fostering a culture of care and highlighting the positive benefits of gratitude, recognition and self-compassion to boost mental well-being every day of the year.

Enhanced global well-being reimbursement:

  • increased annual reimbursement to $500 and expanded eligible reimbursements to include healthy eating, healthy movement and healthy mind.

In 2023, we hosted our annual Global Activity Challenge for the eighth consecutive year, in which more than 28,400 participants in 69 markets leveraged the power of music to become healthier versions of themselves.

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