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Employee engagement

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    Operations with local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programs

Across Johnson & Johnson, employees find inspiration in Our Purpose to change health for humanity. We provide platforms, tools and resources across the Enterprise to help everyone contribute effectively.

We encourage open and inclusive communications so that everyone feels welcome to offer ideas and suggestions about how we can improve outcomes for patients and consumers and demonstrate care for our communities and our planet.

Celebrating a new era for J&J

In September 2023, we brought our employees together, in person and virtually, to share our enthusiasm for a new era of J&J and reinforce J&J as a company uniquely positioned across the spectrum of healthcare to tackle the world’s toughest health challenges. On J&J Day, we activated hundreds of events at the corporate, regional and local levels to engage employees in understanding our refreshed purpose, new branding and healthcare focus as we embark together in this next chapter of our Company. From a global J&J Day webcast featuring all our senior leaders, to a new J&J logo reveal, to local team activities to engage employees in the new J&J experience all around the world, J&J Day was successful in bringing the spirit of a new J&J to life while reinforcing our legacy and Our Credo-based culture.

Listening to our employees

This year, we combined our annual surveys, one that tracked employee sentiment and alignment with Our Credo values in one year, and the other that measured employee satisfaction in the alternate year. Starting in 2023, we created a simplified questionnaire, called Our Credo survey, with 42 questions, including two open-ended questions, in place of the total 80 questions of both prior surveys. This Our Credo survey also includes, for the first time, the opportunity for employees in most countries to receive an opt-in, confidential and personalized fulfillment report designed to increase self-awareness about levels of happiness at work with development suggestions linked to our learning platform, J&J Learn. The survey was administered in 76 countries and made available in 36 languages.

Following an analysis of the detailed results, which were communicated to all employees, we developed plans to address the main areas of opportunity identified by our employee feedback, both at the Enterprise level and in regional, national and local teams.

Our Credo Survey 2023: key results

94 %

participation rate among all eligible employees

92 %

agreed with the statement, “Ensures our first responsibility is to the patients, doctors and nurses, mothers and fathers, and all others who use our products and services”

85 %

agreed with the statement, “Provides an inclusive work environment where each employee is considered as an individual”

85 %

Our Credo Index, which reflects how we are fulfilling Our Credo commitments to employees, based on 14 Our Credo-related questions

88 %

agreed with the statement, “Supports the health and well-being of employees”

86 %

agreed with the statement, “I would recommend J&J as a great place to work”

Recognizing employees

In addition to several awards and honors programs that recognize the contributions of our employees across different functions and regions, we maintain our global peer recognition platform, Inspire, which reaches all of our global workforce. Again in 2023, hundreds of thousands of recognition moments celebrated meaningful contributions and purpose led behaviors among our employees. Our investment in recognition also had a direct impact to our business. In 2023, we saw positive trends in employee and new-hire retention, with a reduction in turnover when an employee receives at least one award per year. Looking ahead, we will continue to look for opportunities to reinforce the intersection between employee recognition, gratitude and overall well-being.

Women in STEM

We believe women can be catalysts for creating healthier people, healthier communities and a healthier world, and we encourage women and young girls to consider science, technology, engineering, mathematics, manufacturing and design (STEM2D) studies and career opportunities. Advancing gender equality in technical professions both strengthens society and also builds a stronger pipeline of diverse talent in under-resourced STEM2D-related professions, critical to advancing innovation in healthcare.

Our WiSTEM2D initiative supports youth, undergraduates, scholars and professionals.

Since 2021, through our WiSTEM2D program, we have reached more than 800,000 young women and girls in STEM2D activities.

Through our WiSTEM2D Youth Pillar, we seek to spark enchantment with STEM2D in young women and girls all around the globe through creative problem-solving and play. In 2023, more than 327,000 girls engaged with J&J sponsored content or programs. Through the hard work and dedication of more than 3,400 J&J volunteers and in conjunction with our nonprofit partners, the WiSTEM2D Youth Pillar hosted 360 events and led more than 270 activities in 34 countries.

In our WiSTEM2D Professional program, our aim is to achieve 50% female representation in STEM2D fields by focusing on recruitment, retention and development. In 2023, we progressed a number of initiatives, including:

  • holding a Professional Day with more than 1,100 attendees to create a forum addressing soft and hard skills;
  • hosting quarterly mentoring circles with more than 300 colleagues per covering topics such as men allyship and winning leadership traits; and
  • organizing community service events with Habitat for Humanity and Moms Helping Moms to provide opportunities to contribute to our communities while building relationships and networking opportunities across our teams of volunteers.

Engaging employees for healthy communities

Our Talent for Good strategy inspires our employees to help create healthy communities across the globe. Talent for Good offers a wide variety of engagement opportunities, inviting employees to take part at their preferred level of participation in a focus area of their interest. Many of our Talent for Good programs build on longstanding collaborations with organizations that have a wide reach within our communities and help create meaningful volunteering opportunities for J&J employees to maximize our impact and deliver tangible social benefit. In 2023, the total value that our employees delivered to community partners is estimated at $4.7 million.32

An overview of programs and progress in 2023 includes:

  • Bridge to Employment engages employees as mentors to help secondary school students improve academic performance and elevate their career aspirations. The extension program, Pathway to Success, helps students succeed and thrive in higher education, providing additional support and internships at J&J.
  • J&J Changemaker Program engages early-career professionals to grow personally and professionally by applying their expertise to build healthier communities around the world.
  • Talent for Healthy Communities is a pro bono program that connects the unique talent and expertise of J&J employees to local Community Partners to address their critical capacity-building needs. Over the course of 12 weeks, employees work on projects focused on the areas of health equity, health access, health systems improvement and other social determinants of health.
  • Global Pro Bono engages employees in teams with selected partner organizations working on the front lines of health to support them over the course of 3 weeks and build organizational capacity.
  • Global Secondment Program enables and empowers employees to support partner organizations on the front lines of healthcare to raise public health standards in communities around the globe by sharing their knowledge, skills and passions over a 4- to 6-month time frame.

Talent for Good in 2023 by the numbers

Bridge to Employment


employees volunteered


hours mentoring


students worldwide

$ 74,000

was provided by J&J in scholarships to 53 graduates


Pathway to Success students were coached with 9 summer internships provided to participants

J&J Changemaker Program


employees from


skill-based hours with


countries volunteered


community organizations and packed 15,000 meals to support global hunger

Global Pro Bono


employees from all our four geographic regions engaged with

8,000 +

in-kind donated hours with


community organizations

Talent for Healthy Communities

> 200

employees from

> 11,000

in-kind donated hours with


countries supported


community organizations

Global Secondment Program


employees volunteered with


in-kind donated hours with


community organizations

Engaging employees for a healthy planet

Our commitment to sustainability is brought to life by engaged and knowledgeable employees who have a role in shaping the future of our Company. We support and inspire employee learning and collaboration through dedicated environmental sustainability programs. Examples of new and continuing programs in 2023 include:

  • WeSustain brings together employees across countries and roles who are interested in taking action for the planet. WeSustain teams coordinated local educational events, engaged with youth organizations, organized employee clean-up events in cities, beaches and parks and planted trees and pollinator gardens. WeSustain ambassadors also examined their own jobs and assessed how they might further influence sustainable practices in their work and at their location.
  • Healthy Planet is our virtual platform where employees are encouraged to learn, take action and share ideas about sustainability, all in a gamified environment.
  • Learning and development platforms are available to employees in various forums. In addition to the existing “Sustainability & My Job” training, available to all employees, in 2023, sustainability was incorporated into the curriculum for the Finance Leadership Development program for early-career employees and into the Supply Chain Leadership Program for managers. A Sustainability Channel was also built on the J&J Learn platform, allowing us to expand the reach and variety of educational materials available to employees.

Employee engagement for a healthy planet in 2023 by the numbers


active WeSustain teams in 30 countries


actions completed by Healthy Planet users to protect the environment

32 Based on Taproot and Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose, (CECP) calculations on the actual financial impact of an hour of skilled volunteering. Taproot, “What Is Skills-Based Volunteering?,”, accessed March 2024. Calculation does not include employee training and project preparation time.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing and Design