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Responsible supply base

  • GRI
  • 204-1,

    Proportion of spending on local suppliers

  • 304-3,

    Habitats protected or restored

  • 308,

    Supplier Environmental Assessments 2016

  • 414-1,

    New suppliers that were screened using social criteria

  • 414-2,

    Negative social impacts in the supply chain and actions taken

  • SASB HC-MS-430a.3

    Description of the management of risks associated with the use of critical materials

A critically important link in our value chain, our global supplier network plays a vital role, enabling us to manufacture and deliver essential products and services to our patients and customers. Guided by Our Credo values, we aim to maintain collaborative supplier relationships and work with a broad diversity of suppliers.


suppliers globally

$ 31.2  billion

total supplier spend36

Shashi Mandapaty, Chief Procurement Officer, Johnson & Johnson (photo)

At Johnson & Johnson, we believe that Credo-centered supplier relationships amplify our impact on patient outcomes. Through our shared commitment to addressing economic, social and environmental challenges, we can advance health for humanity.”

Shashi Mandapaty, Chief Procurement Officer, Johnson & Johnson

36 Represents spend we have control over/addressable spend, defined as products and services that procurement teams can negotiate with suppliers to meet business goals. For details, see our ESG Performance Data and Indices.