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    Advance public health through Health for Humanity 2025 Goals

For decades, Johnson & Johnson has remained steadfast in our commitment to leadership in public health and health equity. Our strategy reflects a long-held belief that creating societal value goes hand in hand with generating long-term business value.

We champion health equity through initiatives that maximize value for all those we reach through our business in areas where we can have the greatest impact. Alongside increasing access to medicines, our ambitions to advance public health include:

  • Collaborations to address cross-cutting healthcare issues
  • Advancing global surgery capabilities
  • Developing new solutions to enhance access to quality mental healthcare
  • Delivering innovation for better eye health
  • Promoting initiatives to eliminate health inequities for people of color
  • Supporting frontline health workers
  • Helping communities in need

Our GPH organization has a mission to develop relevant innovations that save lives, cure patients and prevent disease and make them available, affordable and accessible for the world’s most vulnerable and under-resourced populations. Our Health for Humanity 2025 Goals underpin this mission and empower us to target our efforts to deliver improved health outcomes.

Johnson & Johnson convenes collaborations across multiple dimensions to advance public health, whether this is to address global diseases that have a disproportionate impact or to strengthen healthcare systems. For example, in 2022, we joined with HCA Healthcare, a leading healthcare provider in the U.S., to address key industry issues such as improving health equity, enhancing nursing support and improving patient outcomes. Specifically, this collaboration encompasses the development of a program for early stage lung cancer detection for the Black community, initiatives to improve cardiovascular health and education, training and other resources to elevate and support nurses.

We believe strongly in the power of strategic partnerships, and we are excited to collaborate to advance health equity, enhance patient care and provide even greater support to our nurses.

Sam Hazen

Chief Executive Officer, HCA Healthcare

Also, in 2022, we joined several private sector organizations in pledging funding and support to end critical diseases and strengthen health systems as part of the Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment Conference. Global Fund is an international organization established to defeat HIV, TB and malaria and ensure a healthier, safer, more equitable future for all. Our new Global Fund contribution was in the form of a partnership with the Skoll Foundation to jointly provide $25 million as an anchor investment in a fund to accelerate the professionalization of community health workers. See also section: Frontline Healthcare & Communities.

The family member of a patient of Caraes Ndera Neuropsychiatric Hospital stands outside her home in Kigali, Rwanda. Credit: Will Swanson for Devex. (photo)
The family member of a patient of Caraes Ndera Neuropsychiatric Hospital stands outside her home in Kigali, Rwanda. Credit: Will Swanson for Devex.
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