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    Operations with local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programs

Across Johnson & Johnson, employees find inspiration in Our Purpose to change the trajectory of health. We provide platforms, tools and resources across the Enterprise to help everyone contribute effectively.

We encourage open and inclusive communications so that everyone feels welcome to offer ideas and suggestions about how we can improve outcomes for patients and consumers and demonstrate care for our communities and our planet.

Connecting to our employees

One of the platforms we use to track employee sentiment and feeling of being connected to our colleagues and our values is our biennial Our Credo Survey, which was administered in 2022 in 77 countries and made available in 36 languages. Over the past two years, people around the globe have faced and overcome many social and economic challenges, including those relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the face of these challenges, employees have maintained their confidence in Our Credo values, demonstrating stronger support and recognition for the way we uphold our values and positively impact society.

Following an analysis of the detailed results, which were communicated to all employees, we developed plans to address the main areas of opportunity identified by our employees’ feedback, both at the Enterprise level and within individual teams.

In alternate years, we conduct a global Our Voice Survey, which serves as an indicator of employee satisfaction and measures important aspects of our culture such as employee engagement, inclusion, development, health and wellness, collaboration, execution, innovation, and compliance and risk.

Recognizing employees

In addition to several awards and honors programs that recognize the contributions of our employees across different functions and regions, we maintain our global peer recognition platform, Inspire, which reaches all of our global workforce in 77 countries. In 2022, hundreds of thousands of recognition moments celebrated meaningful contributions and purpose-led behaviors among our employees.


Our Credo Survey Key Results

87 %

favorability rate, which reflects how we are fulfilling Our Credo commitments to employees

92 %

agreed with the statement, “Acts responsibly to the communities in which we live and work and the world community as well.”

92 %

participation rate among all eligible employees

92 %

agreed with the statement, “Ensures our first responsibility is to the patients, doctors and nurses, mothers and fathers, and all others who use our products and services.”

86 %

agreed with the statement, “Provides an inclusive work environment where each employee is considered as an individual.”

Women in STEM

We aim to encourage girls to consider science, technology, engineering, mathematics, manufacturing and design (STEM2D) studies and career opportunities in the knowledge that advancing gender equality in technical professions will both strengthen society and also build a stronger pipeline of diverse talent in under-resourced STEM2D-related professions, critical to advancing innovation in healthcare.

Health for Humanity 2025 Goals
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SDG 4 - Quality Education (icon)SDG 5 - Gender Equality (icon)
Progress in Women in STEM2D

  • Engaged 170,000 girls in 2022 through 230 events and 190 STEM2D.org activities for a total of 501,000 girls engaged.

Some progress

Through our Health for Humanity 2025 Goals, which include a specific target to reach 2 million girls through STEM2D activities led by Johnson & Johnson employees in partnership with nonprofit organizations, we encourage our employees to play an active role in engaging to advance women in science.

In 2022, more than 1,500 Johnson & Johnson employee volunteers directly engaged in STEM2D activities with approximately 170,000 girls.

Our Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing and Design (WiSTEM2D) initiative supports youth, undergraduates, scholars and professionals and has been active since 2015. Through our WiSTEM2D Youth Pillar, we seek to spark enchantment with STEM2D in young women and girls all around the globe through creative problem-solving and play.

In our WiSTEM2D Undergraduate program, we collaborated with nearly 70 universities, delivering more than 140 events and reaching more than 23,000 university students via a variety of activities and social media campaigns. We also launched a WiSTEM2D Camp, a weeklong pilot program in Europe, to give students an opportunity to explore post-secondary options in STEM2D fields, an initiative we plan to extend to 2023. Further, we expanded our WiSTEM2D program in our APAC and Latin America regions.

In our WiSTEM2D Scholars program, we again selected six outstanding female researchers to receive support to drive their important research. This program has been active since 2017, selecting early to mid-career women faculty researchers, who have completed their post-doctoral studies and are making key STEM2D discoveries, to each receive a grant of $150,000 and three years of mentorship. In 2022, we received more than 500 applications from highly qualified nominees from around the world, with more than 75% of applicants coming from outside the U.S. The selected WiSTEM2D 2022 scholars are advancing pivotal global innovations across diverse fields with an aim to significantly improve healthcare outcomes.

Between 2018 and 2022, Johnson & Johnson’s WiSTEM2D Scholars program has provided 30 outstanding female researchers with $5.4 million in grant funding to advance pivotal healthcare innovations.

Dr. Ange Therese Akono (photo)

Dr. Ange Therese Akono, a 2022 awardee, is working in bone tissue regenerative engineering, with a focus on discovering nanostructured bone scaffolds to help restore the quality of life of patients who require maxillofacial bone repairs.

Engaging employees for healthy communities

Johnson & Johnson’s GCI organization drives our Talent for Good strategy to inspire our employees to help create healthy communities across the globe. Talent for Good offers a wide variety of engagement opportunities for employees, inviting each to take part at their preferred level of participation in a focus area of their interest. Talent for Good programs include skills-based volunteering opportunities conducted in partnership with nonprofit community partners. These programs, which range from short-term volunteering in local communities and medium-term programs that connect employees with nonprofits wherever they are in capacity-building activities to fully immersive engagements over several months, support nonprofit skills and competencies.

Our quarterly giving initiatives engage employees to support local communities, and we also encourage employees to volunteer in our communities through our Company-wide days of caring.

The Talent for Healthy Communities Program allowed me to use my professional skill set to help the community. Within the project, I also learned how to effectively manage a project and work with multiple groups of people. It was quite challenging, yet very rewarding.

Denivea Williams

Senior Manager, Acquisitions & Divestitures Value Excellence & Service Lead, Johnson & Johnson

Many of our Talent for Good programs build on longstanding collaborations that Johnson & Johnson has maintained for several years with organizations that have a wide reach within our communities and help create meaningful volunteering opportunities for Johnson & Johnson employees to maximize our impact and deliver tangible social benefit. In 2022, these collaborations included:

Bridge to Employment engages employees as mentors to help secondary school students improve academic performance and elevate their career aspirations. The extension program, Pathway to Success, helps students succeed and thrive in higher education, providing additional support and full-time paid summer internships at Johnson & Johnson (14 internships in 2022).

One Young World engages employees to support frontline health leaders on various projects and provide guidance and mentorship, building young leadership capacity across the globe to change the trajectory of health.

Talent for Healthy Communities creates greater engagement and awareness between employees and partners in the same local community through a hybrid pro bono program, addressing critical capacity-building needs in that community.

WiSTEM2D engages employees globally to inspire young girls and women to enter STEM2D fields.

Global Pro Bono engages employees in pairs with selected partner organizations working on the front lines of health to support them and build organizational capacity.

Global Secondment Program enables and empowers selected Johnson & Johnson employees to support partner organizations on the front lines of health to raise public health standards in communities around the globe by sharing their knowledge, skills and passions over a four- to six-month time frame.

Pro Bono for Health Equity utilizes the skills and talents of Johnson & Johnson employees to build the capacity of U.S.-based Community Health Centers supporting communities of color. This program is part of Our Race to Health Equity commitment (see section: Our Race to Health Equity).

Talent for Good Engagement in 2022 by the Numbers*


Bridge to Employment

employees volunteered more than 4,600 hours mentoring with 776 students worldwide

One Young World
> 150

employees collaborated with 12 external scholars on projects addressing the front lines of healthcare and mentoring students

Global Pro Bono

employees from all regions volunteered with 14 NGO partners

Talent for Healthy Communities

employees from 12 countries volunteered with 30 community partners

Global Secondment Program

employees volunteered with 20 NGO partners

Pro Bono for Health Equity

employees volunteered with 4 NGO partners

* See section: Women in STEM for details of WISTEM2D activity in 2022.

Engaging employees for a healthy planet

Johnson & Johnson employees are passionate about environmental sustainability and seek to make an impact. We engage, inspire and provide opportunities for employees to learn and collaborate through dedicated environmental sustainability programs and learning and idea-sharing platforms such as WeSustain, HealthyPlanet and environmental sustainability training.

Water nourishes a better world, by Simon S., 10 years old, China. (painting)

Water nourishes a better world, by Simon S., 10 years old, China. One of several winning original pieces in our Annual Worldwide Children’s Energy Coloring & Art Contest. The contest, in its 39th year, is open to all young relatives of Johnson & Johnson employees and is an opportunity to engage with the future generation on how we each play a role in reducing carbon emissions.


Our environmental sustainability employee engagement program, WeSustain, mobilizes passionate employees to improve environmental health in locations where we live, work and sell our products. In 2022, we brought the WeSustain community together for the first Global WeSustain Summit. Employees globally joined a virtual live event to hear from internal and external speakers, connect with each other and share ideas for a more sustainable future.


In 2022, through our HealthyPlanet platform launched in 2020, we challenged employees to calculate their environmental sustainability impact by offering a personal carbon calculator and ideas to reduce their footprint. Throughout the year, employees completed more than 40,000 actions on topics ranging from reducing energy, lessening food waste and eliminating single-use plastics. Incentives, like charitable donations, drove employees to take over double the actions taken in the previous year. Impact metrics from HealthyPlanet illustrated employee-led savings, including reduced paper use, reduced trash, lower energy consumption and lower water use.

Employee Engagement for a Healthy Planet in 2022 by the Numbers


active WeSustain teams in 31 countries

> 40,000

actions completed by HealthyPlanet users to protect the environment

Employee training in environmental sustainability

In 2022, we built an online self-paced training module, called “Sustainability & My Job,” to demonstrate how every Johnson & Johnson employee can contribute to sustainability solutions at work. This follows the broader foundational sustainability training module launched in 2021. The new training depicts real employee examples and guides employees to build their own action plan based on their role and function. Interest in both optional sustainability training modules has been strong from employees around the world.

We are continuously providing opportunities for our employees to learn and build their personal and professional sustainability capabilities so that decisions made today will help protect the environment and the health of future generations.

Deb Gorhan

Director, Sustainability Culture & Engagement, Johnson & Johnson

Asia Pacific
Global Community Impact
Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing and Design