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Our employees at Johnson & Johnson around the world continue to be energized by Our Purpose to blend heart, science and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity. Every single one of our employees can make a difference—and with approximately 153,700 individuals in all corners of the globe—that adds up to a huge impact.

Attracting, developing, retaining and inspiring the best people globally is crucial to all aspects of Johnson & Johnson’s business. We promote a culture of respect, inclusion and excellence, inspired by Our Credo, so that the talent of every individual at Johnson & Johnson can be leveraged to ensure our Company, our communities and our environment, and each of us as individuals, can thrive and grow.

By anticipating and developing critical capabilities across Johnson & Johnson, we can help accelerate business outcomes today and further future-proof our organization for any tomorrow. To do this effectively, we must create meaningful, personalized learning experiences that help shape highly capable leaders and empower our employees to chart individualized career paths that feed Our Purpose and theirs.

Peter Fasolo Ph.D.

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Johnson & Johnson

In 2022, our direct global workforce included approximately 153,700 individuals. This includes approximately 25,000 new hires across our different regions, of whom 54% were women.

Global Workforce by Region*

Asia Pacific Europe, Middle East & Africa Latin America North America 51,829 26,053 31,322 44,473 Asia Pacific Europe, Middle East & Africa Latin America North America 51,829 26,053 31,322 44,473
* Abiomed headcount is excluded from Global Employee data, as well as other employee and DEI-related disclosures.

New Employee Hires by Region (%)**

Asia Pacific Europe, Middle East & Africa Latin America North America 33.2% 22.3% 25.2% 19.4% Asia Pacific Europe, Middle East & Africa Latin America North America 33.2% 22.3% 25.2% 19.4%
** Values have been rounded to the nearest tenth. Due to rounding, the numbers presented do not add up precisely to the totals provided, and percentages may not precisely reflect the absolute figures.

Employee attraction

Our recruitment efforts include outreach through a wide range of channels and partners to encourage a diverse representation of top qualified candidates. Employee referrals again generated a significant proportion of our hiring efforts, demonstrating employee confidence in Johnson & Johnson as an attractive workplace. Other areas of progress related to employee attraction and development in 2022 included:

Inspiring people to return to work after a career break

Re-Ignite is Johnson & Johnson’s global career reentry program that offers experienced professionals who have taken a break from their career for two or more years the opportunity to return to the workforce with specialized onboarding, networking and development activities. In addition to its ambition to support women in returning to STEM2D professions, Re-Ignite is a gender-inclusive program that, in 2022, officially expanded its focus to include returning professionals both in and outside of STEM2D roles.

Since its inception in 2017, Re-Ignite enabled professionals in 13 countries across all four regions to return to the Johnson & Johnson workplace where they can continue their careers in meaningful roles.

I’m like a lot of women at the school gates; I’m highly skilled and educated, but I didn’t know how to break back into the workplace and didn’t have the self-confidence either. In a sense, we are a hidden workforce. Re-Ignite provided the support structures I needed to help me adjust to returning to the workplace. After participating in the program, I found that I slotted back into the work environment; it was like I never left. This was very empowering. I felt relevant and that I hadn’t lost my skills.

Barbara McCarthy

Site PMO Manager, Johnson & Johnson Vision

Hiring military veterans

Alongside our appreciation for their valued service, we appreciate the unique skills and experience military veterans and military spouses bring to our business. We engage with government bodies and veteran support organizations to expand our hiring pathways for military veterans, and we offer veteran development programs to support transitioning to civilian life and work. In 2022, we made strong progress as an employer of choice for the military community:

  • Enhanced and expanded hiring and development opportunities through our sales and leadership programs. Johnson & Johnson’s Military Veteran Leadership Development program, launched in 2017, has maintained 100% retention across all cohorts, totaling more than 40 veterans.
  • Hired veterans through the Department of Defense SkillBridge program, which provides transitioning military service members with civilian work experience during their final six months in service. As part of this program, Johnson & Johnson offers internships to SkillBridge participants, and, in 2022, we completed our first full annual cycle of hiring, during which 90% of SkillBridge interns became Johnson & Johnson full-time employees.
  • Reaffirmed our commitment to veteran and military spouse hiring through the Veteran Jobs Mission, a coalition that brings together hundreds of leading companies to actively hire veterans.

Learning and development

We continue to invest heavily in a wide variety of learning and development programs that help employees realize their career goals while building a capable and resilient workforce for the future. Some examples from 2022 follow:

Delivering a new learning ecosystem

We launched J&J Learn, a global learning and development platform that integrates the curricula from our multiple learning organizations across the Enterprise, including leadership development programs, Human Performance Institute programs and more, to become the single source for all learning and development needs. By leveraging the latest technology, including AI, J&J Learn delivers a streamlined learning experience that is easy to access and navigate and enables every employee to incorporate learning into their daily practices while creating the career path that is right for them. J&J Learn includes learning programs, facilitates matching with mentors and holistic career review and development planning tools.

Advancing leadership development

We developed leadership skills at every level and career stage through on-demand content and innovative and personalized modules across our suite of leadership development programs, with many thousands of employees at all levels.

100,000 learning programs

J&J Learn hosts approximately 100,000 learning programs available to employees.

27 hours

Johnson & Johnson employees spent an average of 27 hours on training in 2022.

By embracing a learning mindset—both for ourselves and for our teams—we will be better able to anticipate and develop the critical capabilities needed to accelerate business outcomes and future-proof our organization while also providing rewarding career opportunities that allow employees to realize and pursue their unique purpose and aspirations.

Sandra Humbles

Chief Learning Officer, Johnson & Johnson

Learn more about all our people development resources in our Position on Employee Development.

We also completed our most significant people leader assessment of all time, with more than 7,500 people leaders receiving a report providing valuable feedback on their people leadership skills that will support their ongoing development and further empower them to help our organization deliver on its critical objectives.

Learning and Development in 2022 by the Numbers*

$ 112  million

total spend on employee learning and development


new leaders participated in our Enterprise Leader Development Program

46 %

of Managers and above moved across functions, country or business segment lines, building diversity of experiences*


employees in the U.S. and Puerto Rico participated in the tuition reimbursement program

100 %

of employees completed year-end performance reviews

9 %

voluntary turnover rate

* Career progression movement includes upward promotion and lateral transfer and excludes employees in the R&D organizations.

Building digital capabilities

To support the ever-expanding use of digital technologies and data science in almost every aspect of our work in every function of the business, we are heavily investing in building broad digital capabilities for our workforce. To focus our efforts and provide a common learning experience across Johnson & Johnson, we launched our Digital Upskilling Channel supported by “digital missions,” which are learning activations comprising various learning formats such as synchronous and asynchronous learning, quizzes and articles around one specific digital capability, that provide teams with an effective, experiential learning opportunity. We supported this innovative approach with a playbook for local activation of digital missions. Additionally, Johnson & Johnson employees continued to access our iTalk Digital Education Series, developed by our Technology Division to teach digital topics with 130 iTalk videos available to all employees.

Digital acumen continues to be a critical capability for Johnson & Johnson, enabling teams to reimagine and transform our business models to accelerate outcomes and future-proof our organization.

Michael Ehret, Ph.D.

Head of Global Talent Development, Johnson & Johnson

Compensation and benefits

Our compensation framework, which is consistent worldwide, includes a set of core principles that guide all compensation decisions, recognizing the important contributions of our employees to deliver our mission in ways that align with our values. We are committed to pay equity, including gender and ethnic/racial group pay equity.

Periodically, we analyze our pay across functions to assess market competitiveness and to eliminate unconscious bias or other barriers to full pay equity across the Enterprise. In 2022, we invested significantly in targeted salary increases in several countries to enhance our competitive pay position; this was also influenced by inflationary pressures, and part of our analysis this year used a new framework to monitor inflation and highlight areas for further alignment. In addition, we increased our investment in employees across our Total Health portfolio to address rising rates of mental health concerns and ongoing uncertainties or consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that our investment in employees across the spectrum of compensation and benefits helps make Johnson & Johnson both more attractive as an employer and more resilient as a business.

Additionally, we completed our annual living wage assessment with the aim of ensuring all employees globally receive pay that is competitive in their local markets and sufficient to support a sustainable standard of living for them and their families (see section: Human Rights).

Enhancing hybrid working

We continued to implement our hybrid working model, J&J Flex, globally, capturing the energy of in-person interactions and remote flexibility. In the supply chain, flexibility offerings for on-site employees were established that combine locally relevant practices with a globally consistent hybrid working framework at each site. This new approach was used, for example, to remotely onboard thousands of supply chain team members, who also completed a portion of their total required training assignments online.

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