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Innovation has been an essential part of the fabric of Johnson & Johnson for more than 135 years. Thanks to the incredible efforts of the tens of thousands of scientists, researchers, engineers, designers and clinicians, we have pioneered multiple breakthroughs to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity.

We advance innovation at Johnson & Johnson across many channels, as outlined in our Position on Innovation.

R&D Investment


2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 $10,775 $12,159 $14,714 $11,355 $14,603 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 $10,775 $11,355 $12,159 $14,714 $14,603
No company can thrive without innovation. For Johnson & Johnson, this is stating the obvious. With an R&D investment of more than $14 billion in the past year, we are walking the talk. This investment has a dual benefit: patients globally gain access to the most advanced treatments and Johnson & Johnson continues to have a leading impact in healthcare markets—currently, with 30 brands or platforms that generate more than $1 billion of revenue annually, our investment in innovation continues to be a key element of our success.

Joseph J. Wolk

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Johnson & Johnson

Chairman and CEO Joaquin Duato and Janssen R&D employees at the opening of the San Francisco Bay Campus. Photo by Orange Photography. (photo)
Chairman and CEO Joaquin Duato and Janssen R&D employees at the opening of the San Francisco Bay Campus. Photo by Orange Photography.

In 2022, we opened our latest state-of-the-art Janssen R&D facility, more than doubling our R&D presence in the San Francisco Bay Area. Located in one of the world’s most established global hubs for innovation, the campus bridges key scientific and technological capabilities by co-locating Janssen R&D and Johnson & Johnson Innovation, further integrating the Company into the Bay Area’s innovation ecosystem to strengthen and increase collaborations with innovators and accelerate growth.

> 63.6  billion

invested in R&D over the past five years to deliver healthcare innovation to advance Our Purpose and improve lives.

Our new science facility in the Bay Area further strengthens our R&D capabilities and transforms how we discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines faster and more efficiently. By integrating drug discovery, data science and digital health, we aim to accelerate the growth of our best-in-class portfolio and deliver better health outcomes for people worldwide.

Stacy Feld

Site Head, San Francisco Bay Campus and Regional Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, West North America

Throughout the world, we also expanded our J&J Centers for Global Health Discovery that advance healthcare science, targeting pressing challenges in global health in the regions of greatest need. In 2022, we launched two Satellite Centers—one in South Africa to address the threat of AMR and one in Singapore to focus on dengue and other flaviviruses.

Learn more about our Global Health Discovery Centers and about innovation across Johnson & Johnson Innovation, as well as Janssen R&D.

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